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 Jennifer Morrison
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Jennifer Morrison as Dr Allison Camreon
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Jennifer Morrison
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So, yeah this is my first artikel and yeah I'm bored to death. So this is a senarai of how to know you're a Fanatic of House (Although if you're Membaca this anda probably are).

100- anda watch House everyday it airs, whatever episode it is.
99-You ship a ship (that sounded weird).
98-You have watched s1-s5
97-You expect lebih than 12 seasons.
96-If there are no 12 seasons anda will start a petition.
95-^^Or die!
94-You can name all the characters.
93-^^In alphabetical order.
92-You can name episodes.
91-^^By seasons
90-^^By the best to worst moment of your ship.
89-You know actors names.
87-^^In order that they...
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 Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
I thought I'd try to ease the distress of all the Wilson peminat-peminat here after those Season 5 promos sejak giving anda my well-funded reason why Wilson can't leave:

if Wilson leaves, the effects on House would simply be disastrous... it's like action and reaction:

The things that make House who he is apart from his brilliance and his gift are his constant self-destructive behaviors (interesting and intriguing), his drug habit and his obvious talent for insulting and mocking other's with great credibility. Those are also the things that give him an edge on all the other doctors on TV and the reasons House...
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