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 Jennifer Morrison
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Photoshoot Festival du Telefilm de Milan
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House's way to communicate. Made sejak lovestanlaurel on YouTube.
Hugh Laurie
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I've thought about it a thousand times,
and it still doesn't make sense,
only because all my life,
I've been building me a fence.
A dinding to keep away fear,
to keep away the grief and pain,
to divert the hurt I knew could come,
that in my hati, tengah-tengah would it sustain.

I stagger the halls in shame,
for Berlakon the way I do and how I treat you,
And I know that I shouldn't,
but its the only thing I know how to do.
I force myself to push anda away,
accompanied with fret,
cause I know that's not what I want
and it becomes another regret.

When the thought of anda comes to mind,
the pain begins to seep,
the grief begins to...
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Okay I just have to sit down and write this it shouldn’t be this hard right, wrong; I’m terrible at making gifts!!! But Krismas Eve is 2mrw and I’d feel really bad if I didn’t get it finished so I just have to do it. I know regarding House anda like Wilson and Huddy, so here is a oneshot fanfic written off the bahagian, atas of my head that (hopefully) includes those 2 elements (inclusion not guaranteed to be balanced XD) Merry Krismas newmixgirl, I hope anda enjoy this :D

House’s POV
Well here I am again, all alone on Krismas Eve and I’ll be alone tomorrow as well *sigh* (A/ N Don’t ask...
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