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WARNING: this contains full spoilers of the episode, not very good grammar and possibly mild language (I haven’t decided how frustrated I am yet) and it is exceptionally full of a rambling repetitive nonsense

Okay now I’m really a bit annoy and frustrated over the first episode this season, so far not very legendary and also well a bit crap and here’s why

Okay firstly we were all thinking it, what is up with marshal’s hair? When I saw it in the promo’s and stuff I was sort like meh but now it’s just…..awful it’s looks like how greasy kids at high school used to wear it because...
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posted by Saul_Mikoliunas
As most people on this spot know, I can talk for hours. Especially about How I Met Your Mother. My own mother told me I could have an jam long conversation about the tunjuk in an empty room. Normally I write my rubbish in the forum but the HIMYM spot only has two soapboxes, so I thought I would write another one. This one was inspired sejak Britney Spears appearance and will have my opinions on some of the great and some of the not so great guest stars that have been in How I Met Your Mother.

Mandy Moore as Amy in Wait For It

When I heard that Mandy Moore was going to be in Himym, I have to...
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Friends is one of the most successful shows ever produced. But a new, and very popular, comedy tunjuk has emerged. Despite huge competition from other comedy shows, How I Met Your Mother attracts around 9,000,000 weekly viewers.

In this article, I'm going to talk about a few striking similarities between the shows, atau to be lebih precise, similarities between the characters on both shows.

Ross Geller and Ted Mosby, 'pursuers of love'

Ross Green and Ted Mosby resemble a lot. Their ultimate goal is to find their soul mate and have a long and happy marriage. In both shows, this is a very important element....
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I had wrote this artikel about the relationship between Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson over three years . . . during mid-Season Seven:


I am tired of the Robin Scherbatsky/Barney Stinson (Cobie Smulders/Neil Patrick Harris) saga. I really am. They have practically dominated Season Seven of CBS's "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" with a romance that seemed to be force-fed sejak the series' creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, in order to satisfy the certain shippers.

What can I say? Everything about the Robin/Barney Cinta story has...
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Even Perez Hilton sometimes compares these shows. I like both, but prefer HIMYM. There are many simple reasons why they are different, so here are just a few:

1) 5 vs 6: This may seem extremely minor, but it is a very different dynamic. The plot lines of Friends episodes often (but not always) follow 3 pairs of the Friends doing various things together. On HIMYM there seems to be lebih intermingling of plots (in my opinion).

2) Inspiration: HIMYM is loosely based on Carter and Craig's lives. They are the creators of the tunjuk and the idea started somewhat autobiographically.

3) Lack of live audience:...
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posted by jighooligan101
One Drink

* Anyone says "Awesome!"
* Robin says "literally"
* Barney says "legendary"
* Barney uses a pickup line
* Barney says “Suit up”
* Lily talks about atau is around her kindergarteners

Two Drinks

* Anyone says "Have anda met..." (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)
* Barney does magic
* Barney makes someone do a high five
* Barney says “Ha, please.”
* Barney says "daddy's home"
* Marshall says "Lawyered!"
* Ted does a voiceover
* There is a flashback
* Any mention of the Fierro

Three Drinks

* Barney says "Legen---wait for it---dary"
* Barney says “What up?”
* Barney mentions his blog
* Marshall...
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posted by Saul_Mikoliunas
 A variation of the popular "Suit Up"
A variation of the popular "Suit Up"
The HIMYMD (How I Met Your Mother Dictionary) was first published in 2009. The HIMYMD is a compilation of words the etymology of which can be found in the roots of How I Met Your Mother history. All of the following was written sejak the fabulous writers of How I Met Your Mother, we are just putting it into one big list.If anda wish to make a contribution to the HIMYMD, sejak all means add your word to the senarai in the form of a comment.

The Official How I Met Your Mother Dictionary

Awesome (adj):Inspiring awe. Ex:How's not playing Laser tag because playing laser tag is awesome!

Battleship (Noun): 1....
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As we all know from the first episode of this LEGENDARY tunjuk that robin is “AUNT” robin that she’s NOT the mother and we all understood why ted told his kids about his romantic relationship with robin because of her he got a tattoo, which lead him to his (first fiancé) which lead to being a professor in college which lead to him to meeting their kid’s mother.

As much as we all Cinta the other aspects in the tunjuk (barney legendary life, robin being candid, lily being bad-ass, Marshall being Supernatural believer, ted being the geek) the whole point of this tunjuk is who is the mother and...
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posted by neilandcobie
Barney loves Robin Ted loves Robin Ted loves Barney Barney loves Ted Robin loves......?

Okay I admit it I am a Barney and Robin peminat all the way but I am not against Ted and Robin I just think Barney and Robin suit each other lebih anyway I'll get to the point ......

Should Robin be marrying Barney is that right?
I obviously think so I am a Swarkles shipper and always will be but other people's opinions count...
lets go back to the very first season.....

OK so we know all about Ted falling for Robin saying I Cinta anda way to soon on the first tarikh to be exact! But what if Ted hadn't done any of that what if Robin and Ted where just a normal couple.....?

I don't know but please komen and tell me what anda think!
posted by HouseOfficeFan7
Author's Note: I feel like this isn't very good... But there'll probably be lebih and hopefully it will get better. Anyway... The basic premise is that Dr. Horrible is the fifth doppleganger. Let me know what anda think. Also, this will be telah diposkan on multiple spots. It will also appear in the NPH spot and the Barney Stinson spot.

Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily were sitting watching a football game in Ted’s apartment. It was an uneventful Saturday afternoon when suddenly Barney rushed into the apartment.

“GUYS!” He cried, slamming the door behind him.

“No, Barney…” Ted groaned. “Whatever...
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The CBS Televisyen series, "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" (2005-2014), ended its nine season run on March 31, 2014. Televisyen audiences usually greet Televisyen finales either with great satisfaction atau with equal contempt. Instead of one atau the other, the Televisyen series created sejak Carter Bays and Craig Thomas proved to be not only divisive, but also controversial. And romance for the series' main character, Ted Mosby, ended up being the center of that controversy.

As peminat-peminat of "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" know, the series is lebih atau less one major flashback...
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posted by tp1992
Emmy Award: Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
Emmy Award: Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series
People's Choice Award: Nominated for kegemaran New Televisyen Comedy

Emmy Award: Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
Emmy Award: Nominated for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series
Emmy Award: Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Neil Patrick Harris)
Teen Choice Award: Nominated for Choice TV Actor: Comedy (Neil Patrick Harris)

Emmy Award: Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
Emmy Award: Nominated...
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 The actors/actresses on this programme are 'hot', and the people talking about axing HIMYM are 'crazy'.
The actors/actresses on this programme are 'hot', and the people talking about axing HIMYM are 'crazy'.
I remember my first glance of How I Met Your Mother very well, and ever since, I've not watched another American comedy, NEIGH, PROGRAMME OVER ANY GENRE that comes close to it.

It was a Sunday in the Summer of 2006, the 13th of August if my memory serves me well (I didn't Google it... HONEST!), just came back from my first completed bulan of my new job. I went upstairs to my room, turned on the PC and then the TV seterusnya to it as I tend to have it on in the background for something to watch while the PC gets going. I was flicking through the channels... not much on, not much on at all, the same...
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1. Lesbian Robin.....
Robin's doppleganger was not shown on Himym properley but it basically just looked like Robin with cropped hair and a dirty face she was carrying a baseball if I remember correctly and also a checked baju and washed out jeans and old (maybe men's) trainers Barney, Lily, Ted , Marshall and Robin all saw lesbian Robin at the same time it seems according to Season 5 episode "Double Date" she was just casually walking along the jalan and spitting on the floor.

2. Moustache Marshall......
Again Marshall's Doppleganger was not shown properley on Himym it was just featured as...
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Some peminat-peminat may have thought Robin and Barney would be done for good after she chose Kevin over him — and then they had the pregnancy scare where they had differing opinions on having kids — but the EPs downplayed that notion.

“Barney also wants to have kids in a very hypothetical sense…we have to call Barney out on whether he really wants to have kids,” Thomas said. “We don’t look at that as a singular deal breaker…Deep down, Barney doesn’t really know what he wants.”

“And that’s not to take anything away from what Robin and Barney have, because they’re so in love”...
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posted by campluv98
I guess anda would classify this aS a fanfic,its called "The Curse Of The Hourglass",i hate the tajuk so if anyone has an idea for a new tajuk pls let me know.I had randomly came up w/this poem and i realized that after the 1st 3 lines it was perfect for these two. so we go..(ps:i'd really appriciate comments,critism is welcome& somethings arent captialized just b/c i like them that way)

"The Curse Of The Hourglass"

isn’t it ironic, yeah how we both live in a world of gin and tonic yeah.
This is just perfect, anda and me.
We don’t need to feel any better.
We don’t need some secret...
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posted by dreamer369
The Chick Code

ARTICLE 1: Chicks before dicks. The bond between two women is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because, on average, women are lebih willing and able to commit than men. Unfortunate for our Cinta lives, but true.

ARTICLE 2: A Chick is always entitled to do something wild, as long as the rest of her Side-Chicks* are all doing it. For example: partaking in "WOOO!"-ing.

ARTICLE 3: A Chick never divulges the existence of the Chick Code to a man. It is a sacred document not to be shared with guys for any, not even that reason. (Note: if anda a man Membaca this,...
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posted by dacastinson
hei guys..You better read this article, because it's going to be legen...wait for it..DARY!

Barney: Was that chick at the end really a client?

Ted: I'm gonna do what that guy couldn't, I'm gonna take the plunge... Well, I guess that's not a perfect metaphor since... for me it's falling in Cinta and for him it's... death.
Barney: Actually, that is a perfect metaphor.

Barney: Ted, tonight we're gonna go out. We're gonna meet some ladies, it's gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five!
[slaps cell-phone]
Barney: anda didn't phone-five, did you?
Barney: I know when anda don't phone-five Ted.

Ted: hei Barney,...
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posted by Saul_Mikoliunas
Hello Fellow Motherheads

This is a guide to the Fanpop Himym competition. It all started out when Gemmy (Germany123) pointed out that while How I Met Your Mother was on it's summer break, the spot was pretty dead. Not much content atau discussion. Anyway, after we discussed it, I decided to come up with a few forum that would hopefully help kick start us Himymers into action and keep the spot going until we got new episodes. At first we thought there would only be one atau two of us but now there have been lebih so I am turning this into a proper competition!

Basic Idea
You have to mention sopmething...
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Now that Ted and Zoey no longer hate each other, there's opportunity for a relationship. Zoey will divorce her husband after confessing to Ted that she heard what they berkata about her in the museum. I believe that they will begin to tarikh and she will be his seterusnya serious girlfriend. Then Ted will quit working for GnB and help Zoey to protect the Arcadia. After some time and many hilarious episodes, some fight over something I can't see coming yet will occur and they will break up. Meanwhile, Barney goes to meet his real father and after that will realize what a big step in his life he's made....
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