As most people on this spot know, I can talk for hours. Especially about How I Met Your Mother. My own mother told me I could have an jam long conversation about the tunjuk in an empty room. Normally I write my rubbish in the forum but the HIMYM spot only has two soapboxes, so I thought I would write another one. This one was inspired sejak Britney Spears appearance and will have my opinions on some of the great and some of the not so great guest stars that have been in How I Met Your Mother.

Mandy Moore as Amy in Wait For It

When I heard that Mandy Moore was going to be in Himym, I have to say I was looking ke hadapan to it just a teeny tiny bit. Not because it is Mandy Moore but because I saw her guest starring in an episode of Scrubs and I thought she was great. However she failed to even make me smile as Amy. She wasn't funny and she wasn't believable.She had some great lines but she just plain didn't deliver. In all honesty the only good part about Amy was that she got Ted to get the tramp stamp and that set up the great storyline that ntroduced the wonderful miss Sarah Chalke!

Joe Manganiello as Brad in World's Greatest Couple

Joe is another one who falls under the great guest stars category. World's Greatest couple is in my bahagian, atas 5 favourite episodes and that is mainly down to Joe and Jason. The whole idea of them going to sarapan lewat pagi, sarapan tengah hari and to mamma mia was just hilarious and in an odd way Jason and Joe had great chemistry. Marshall's line of "Even if anda don't believe it, tell me he looks fat" is one of my all time favourites! Brad also has the unique ability of saying "Reedonkulous" and making it sound funny instead of embarassing.

Wayne Brady as James Stinson in Single Stamina.

I have to say that Wayne Brady was probably my favourite guest bintang on How I Met Your mother so far. Although I loved Sarah Chalke and Joe Manganiello, Wayne Brady just edges it. As soon as I heard Lily say that Barney's brother was exactly like barney, I was worried. Barney is such a, shall we say unique character, that I didn't think anybody else would be able to pull it off as well as Neil Patrick Harris does. Within 30 saat of James walking into Ted's apartment, Wayne Brady proved me wrong. He was funny, he was charming, he managed to make the phrase "Fab, don't go no where....ulous!" look cool. His speech to get the gang out to the club was great, his chat up lines were awesome and his vulnerability when Barney turned him down was believable. I just thought he was great. It is also slightly funny that Wayne Brady is straight but managed to pull off being a gay guy and Neil Patrick Harris is gay but manages to pull off being a straight guy every week!

Britney Spears as Abby in Ten Sessions.

When I first saw the episode with miss Spears in it, I was in two minds about it. She didn't have a very large part and so I didn't want to really
judge her so quickly, however, yesterday I watched the episode again and I was not impressed. She berkata all the right lines but she just didn't seem passionate about it. I know that might sound strange but her performance just seemed robotic to me. She also had some great lines which could have been hilarious if she had delivered them properly but in my opinion, she was just on the tunjuk to try and get her peminat-peminat back. Although she wasn't funny, I still think having Britney on the tunjuk was a great plan. I just wish the episode as a whole would have been beter and then maybe some of the Britney peminat-peminat would have stayed on to watch the rest of the season.

It is rather odd that probably the two most famous guest stars turned out to be the two I disliked the most but I guess they just don't have to work so hard! To sum up, How I Met Your Mother is awesome =D