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YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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This Huddy foto might contain keju string and rentetan keju.

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posted by HouseSullivanMJ
Is it just me atau do Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie seem to have a certain glow about them since Huddy has happened? They are both gorgeous people, but ever since "Help Me" they seem to have an aura about them. I don't know whether this has something to do with the releasing of on (and off) screen sexual tension, but a girl can dream.

On a slightly lebih depressing note: THEY ARE NEVER TOGETHER.

I've seen the promos, interviews, and fox Fall Party pictures and I'm just a little curious as to why they are avoiding eachother.. Even at the FFP they weren't even pictured together. I have a couple...
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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 4-

House arrived at the hospital early, only so he could avoid all contact with Cuddy. He headed straight to the clinic to do his hours. Wilson had seen him and caught up to him.
“Avoiding the boss?” he asked.
House continued and picked up a folder on the way past the nurses station.
“Avoiding me?” he tried again.
“No Jimmy – I just want to sit in an exam room with a folder and do nothing,”
“You’re actually working?”
“Is it a crime?”
“No, but –“
“’But’ means forget everything I berkata before that,”
“No it doesn’t,”
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posted by Cuddles
Another one I wrote ^^.
I hope anda like it and I'd Cinta some komen-komen and criticism.


Once I was whole.
Then I bursted
but I did.
Now I stand in front
the ruins
of myself
and remain silent
in amazement.

A shadow on a wall
Without turning around
I know
it is you.
Why are anda here?
Did anda follow me?
Have anda come here
to examine
the Buah of your labour?

And then I realize
anda suffered
the same.
Both of us were not made
to win
in this game.
The shattered pieces
are not replaceable
not even
to be found.
So both of us
remain silent
and keep on
staring at the ground.