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Question: Now that we've seen the big House-Cuddy smooch, what can we expect seterusnya from these two? -- Samantha

Ausiello: They're moving in together on Dec. 2! Sort of. The collateral damage resulting from the upcoming hostage crisis at Princeton Plainsboro will force Cuddy to temporarily alih into House's office, which creates an even bigger crisis. Picture War of the Ros only with different leads and only slightly less attempted murder.

Question: Any info anda have on House and Cuddy would be great! Will there be another kiss? -- Kourtney

Ausiello: No Ciuman in the immediate future, although...
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I understand how Huddy peminat-peminat got extremely angry about this particular episode (I'm one of them). It was an unecessary emotional rollercoaster.
For one, Cuddy knows House, which means she just shouldn't let her feelings be so exposed in front of House, when they were on the "Are anda Screwing with me" part.
But hey, we can't really blame her. The fact that she committed that "mistake" of exposing herself made everyone clear about her feelings - She cares for him enough to want to let him know - and I feel that from now on things will change, for real (don't anda think that whole "We should kiss...
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It’s been five months since House’s Ciuman encounter with Stacy. He didn’t bother telling Cuddy since her pregnancy had been proven to be risky after she fainted during a board meeting one day. Yah, the board already knew who the father is but even if they don’t like the idea having a Huddy baby around, they know stepping on their personal life is something outside their business. They were even the one who requested the dean of medicine to take a leave off which Cuddy gratefully accepted after House urged her to do so for two weeks.
Within those months, the diagnostician still tried to...
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House was in the hall drawing with her daughter, Rachel smiled and he smiled back but his eyes could see sadness, big sadness.
"Why grandma died? Daddy "
"She was sick," was all that House said.
"You and Mommy are going to die?"
"Because it's the cycle of life, are born, grow, we reproduce, and die, all die someday."
"You want to die?"
House did not respond.
Hours later, at night, House had helped bathe the kids, had told a story of Rachel and had lulled Jean. He lay back and Cuddy too, she hugged him.
"Mel is right, I know anda don't like crying, no one likes, but anda should,...
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Made sejak SuperRae - Click the Arrow seterusnya to the tajuk to view :)
house md
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A Happy Life: Chapter 12(6/11/09)

[House and Cuddy sit in silence holding on to each other for awhile. A baby's soft cry can be heard coming from the nursery. Cuddy starts to get up off the katil and House gets up and turns towards her.]

House: I'll go get the kid.
Cuddy: I can go..

[House had already exited the bedroom and padded down the hall to Rachels room before Cuddy finished her sentence. He entered the baby's room and saw her sitting up in the tempat tidur bayi, katil bayi whimpering. House walked over and looked down at the child that even though she wasn't Cuddy's biological daughter she could still nail him with...
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