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Hi!!! mm well hehehe I little help here!

OK sooo I was talking with someone (my memory sucks so I dont remember who) about Huli and Huddy songs and a CD and everything so, I want to do a Huli Cd BUT I only want this mmm... Happy songs?? ..well I dont want this songs that makes me think they´ll never gonna be together hahaha ok I dont know if Im confusing anda guys hahaha sorry if I do...anyway any songs anda can recommend me?? please and sorry for my bad english I will improve it I promise!
 HuddyHulifan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Hugh & Lisa Jawapan

Edithuddy said:
Ohhh yeah!

**Act naturally sejak semisonic
**You're still the one sejak Shania Twain (I think is the perfect song if they get together in the future)
**If it kills m sejak Jason Mraz
**If anda don't know me sejak now (search the carrie underwood cover)
**Lucky sejak Jason Mraz (Because of the "lucky I'm in Cinta with my best friend" thing =D)
**Never say Never sejak The Fray
**Prettiest Friend sejak Jason Mraz
**Precious Cinta sejak James Morrison
**Thank anda for loving me sejak Bon Jovi (beuatiful song)
**So close sejak Jon McLaughlin
**When anda say nothing at all sejak Ronan Keating
**Why don't anda and I sejak Santana
**Will anda still Cinta me tomorrow? sejak Amy Winehouse

In spanish there are so many Huli songs

**Sin daños a terceros sejak Ricardo Arjona
**Si tú me miras sejak Alejandro Sanz
**Eres casi el hombre perfecto sejak Ana Cirre
**Escondidos sejak Olga Tañon
**De contrabando sejak Jenny Rivera XDDDD
**Usted sejak Luis Miguel
**Soy lo prohibido sejak Alicia Villarreal
**Y llegaqste tú sejak Sin Bandera (This is like one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard)
**Cuanto daría sejak Ana Gabriel

I'm sure I know lebih songs but I don't remember right now.
Good luck with your CD...

OMG acabo de ver que eres de Guadalajara!!! Yo también!
Oh tenemos que reunirnos algún día, ir a la Gran o a Gale a tomar un café XDD

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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
OMG thanks!!!! hahahaha enserio tambien vives en GDL que genial!!!!
HuddyHulifan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Hahaha, si te decía qu ete daba la contraseña es porque a todo mundo le doy mis contraseñas de estas cosas excepto la del msn (y hasta esa la he dado XD).... ps pasame mejor tu correo y sirve que te arego pa chismear de todo esto =)
Edithuddy posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Ok XDDD regio14_9@hotmail.com
huddysmacked posted hampir setahun yang lalu
huddysmacked said:
Ok so, here's a forum were anda can look at happy Huli songs: link

But these are my favorites:

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis
I'm Yours sejak Jason Mraz
Katja Schuurman - Lover atau Friend
Original Sin sejak Elton John
Untouched sejak The Veronicas
How Did anda Know? sejak Art Garfunkel and Maia Sharp
I See You-Mika

There are so many but my brain is about to shut down so...

There was also one in Spanish I heard but I can't remember the name right now... (yeah I'm brain dead)
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
yey!!! graciaz hahahah y zii 100% Huli peminat y obvio Huddy peminat too!! hehehe
HuddyHulifan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
por cierto acabo de escuchar una cancion de alejandro sanz y la vdd me fazino hahaha azi medio Huli zolo k no m akuerdo komo c llama hahaha vi el video en MTV y zale eva longoria
HuddyHulifan posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Uhhhhhhhhhhh! ABBA, no se porque esa canciónme recuerda a Heidi hahaha... oye HS ya te agregue al msn.. soy aledith_montez oki??
Edithuddy posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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