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Do anda know who started the website iCarly?
Freddie did. Raise your hand that anda think Spencer started it. Raise your pinkie if Freddie started it. It's true that Freddie started it. Carly was so happy for him, he kissed him on the cheek. Sam bullied him, but loved the webisodes. The yoga guru was Spencer. Spencer really knows about Sam, Freddie, Carly, and art.
Who started it up?
a. Spencer
b. Carly and Sam
c. Freddie
Who pretends to be a yoga guru on the episode iStart iCarly?
a. Spencer
b. Nora, from iPsycho
c. Freddie
d. Sam
Wee haw!

____________________________________________________Spencer really knows about -
A. Art
B. Creations of Mathematics
C. Nothing, but he only knows about Carly and Sam and Freddie and Art.
posted by Missy0909
This is a once in a lifetime Freddie says to his self.Umm...sure how about umm Saturday at 7:00 at Groovie Smothie,said Freddie.Sure,said Carly.FREDDIE!!!!GET IN HERE AND EAT THESE VEGETABLES!!!!!!!Yelled Freddies mom.Sam walks in Carly's house.Whats uP with Fred's Mother,that woman goes bananas these days,so what anda up to chick,Sam says.A tarikh Saturday night.Sam replied' O yeah me to.They both say"At 7:00".
Back at Freddie's,he just remember he has 2 dates at the same time.Carly and Sam.OH NO,he yelled.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Carly and Sam rushed...
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posted by fabfamily99
First off, this is whole opinion about Sam and Freddie's relationship.

What Sam does:

1. Decides she does not have the nerve to tell Freddie how she feels so she picks on him.
2. Gets up the courage to tell him how she feels...
3. Sees him and Carly together and think, i shouldn't do it.

What Freddie does:
1. Forceabley tells himself and others that he likes Carly, to hide that he likes Sam.
2. Has a one second'special moment' with Carly
3. Sees Sam, and backs away

If you've seen the Seddie video on here, it is obvious that Sam and Freddie like each other, anyways they did willingly kiss!