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He has blond hair and the same eyes as Gouenji Shuuya. He also have spikes, though they are different from Gouenji's.

He is one of the optionnal characters playable in the several games associated with the Inazuma Eleven franchise, along with Endou Kanon. However, not much is known atau official about him, and his exact blood relation to Gouenji Shuuya seems to depend of the chosen game. In baru-baru ini trailer promoting an exclusive Inazuma Eleven game on cellphone, he appears along with Kanon, which leads to supposed he could be the great-grandson of Gouenji, as a parallel with Kanon's blood relation to Endou Mamoru. But at the difference of Endou Kanon, he doesn't seem to make his way in the animated storyline, as he's not mentionned in the Inazuma Eleven movie.
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