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Flame of Regal Still Burns

Sequel of Sayonara Flame Striker! Now in Australia, Goenji had to learn to adapt in a foreign country. The seterusnya FFI is coming up, and he must fight his way to participate as the wild card team from Withingsby Bola sepak Academy. His challenge; form a newteam.

WARNING: Temporary GoenjiXNatsumi, potential of OOC!

Chapter Summary: Cinta is in the air for Goenji Shuuya and Raimon Natsumi. Also, our favourite ace striker goes to Withingsby Bola sepak Academy for the first time! Hey, isn't that-?

~~~Celestial Princes~~~Celestial Princes~~~Celestial Princes~~~Celestial Princes~~~

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posted by mini17
Originally a member of the track club team, Kazemaru is convinced sejak Endo of becoming player of the Bola sepak team, because the team needed 4 lebih players for their match against Teikoku; if Endo couldn't get them the Bola sepak club would be closed. Kazemaru is finally convinced sejak the promise of fighting a lot of stronger players, altogether with Endo fighting spirit.

In the fight against Aliea Academy Kazemaru became obsessed with power but due to his lack of power he leaves Raimon Eleven which left Endou crushed, ina traumatic state and couldn't even touch a Bola sepak ball. After the fight between...
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✿ Tenma’s Avatar, Demon God Pegasus, has an evolved form, named Demon God Pegasus Arc
✿ Hakuryuu from Shine version’s Avatar is Holy Beast Shining Dragon
✿ Shuu from Dark version’s Avatar is Darkness God Dark Exodus

3DS Dark VS Shine Specifics
✿ Endou’s wife is Fuyuka
✿ Characters involved in the story: Kazemaru, Fudou, Kabeyama

✿ Endou’s wife is Natsumi
✿ Characters involved in the story: Hiroto, Midorikawa

Upcoming Anime developments:
✿ Raimon’s 2nd opponent in the Holy Road is Hakuren Jr. High
✿ Fubuki is Hakuren’s former trainer, but he’s unable...
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posted by Zoro_Roronoa
 This is Endou and Rococo
This is Endou and Rococo
Ok,I was doing my homework again.After my mother went out.I did some googling on Inazuma Eleven Funny pics.Then I saw some things from deviantart and other websites.Those things are WTF OMFG pics that I found.A bit suprising for me and all the pics are freaking me out alot.I was like HOLY MOLY!Even my little sister was there.She scared me while I was looking at some pics.Here,take a look at all the pics I found that are OMG.Some of the are from Fanpop.....

Hope U enjoy the pics and don't puke.Y'know what I mean do u?Some pics are abit WTF discusting ok?ENJOY!>3< ^_^

And those keychains down there of Inazuma Eleven are mine guys
 What is endou doing?
What is endou doing?
 Stop combing yr hair Tobitaka....
Stop combing yr hair Tobitaka....
 This is my collection of INAZUMA ELEVEN!!!
This is my collection of INAZUMA ELEVEN!!!
 Wee!They look so cute together...
Wee!They look so cute together...
 This is accually for Christmas...-_-" I dunno why I post it in now...
This is accually for Christmas...-_-" I dunno why I post it in now...
 They all look like STICK MAN!!!!
They all look like STICK MAN!!!!
 Haha....Inazuma Jepun VS Aliens Academy-Snow Ball Fight
Haha....Inazuma Japan VS Aliens Academy-Snow Ball Fight
 I don'tthink that Fubuki would do that to Someoka
I don'tthink that Fubuki would do that to Someoka
 I like Kazemaru in tux..He looks great.
I like Kazemaru in tux..He looks great.
 They all are little babies...SO CUTE!!!>3<
They all are little babies...SO CUTE!!!>3<
 Yeah I think u know this pic as well
Yeah I think u know this pic as well
 Ah......This should be all Megane's fault....Poor Tsunami and Endou and the rest....
Ah......This should be all Megane's fault....Poor Tsunami and Endou and the rest....
 Poor Kidou...the ball got stealed again
Poor Kidou...the ball got stealed again
 anda have got to be kidding me...
You have got to be kidding me...
 WTF?!Sorry for the Gouenji fans.....and Endou peminat-peminat
WTF?!Sorry for the Gouenji fans.....and Endou fans
 Oh poor Toramaru...
Oh poor Toramaru...
 This is a nice pic..I like it
This is a nice pic..I like it
 Why is endou with Pokemons?
Why is endou with Pokemons?
posted by SvenPlaysBlaze
everbody where in the beach
Gouenji was leing in a chair her little sister is making a sand castle
Endou is playing bola tampar with kidou ichinose tsunami
Fubuki is in the water the water is cold and everybody is walking having fun yati yati yata
untell a storm
Endou:why is it storming it shued be summer
gouenji:Oh boy
Sven and anushka:WEE ARE BACK
Sven:allright everybody in the house now
Ichinose:Cool anda summend thunder
Sven and anushka:No we dint
Everybody even sven and Anuska:F*************************************************************
Endou and Fudou are going to the steel tower to have a fight to see who will get Fuyuka.
They arrive at the tower,they look at each other.Fudou tells Endou,"OK,let's settle this right now,with a fight".Endou gets himself ready,before the fight starts,Endou says,"Who ever win this will get Fuyuka".Then they fight.

At Fuyuka's house,Fuyuka is cooking makan malam, majlis makan malam for her dad,then she gets a phone call.She jawapan it,"Hello Kudou's residence,this is Fuyuka speaking".The phone caller is Fuyuka's friend Kasumi,"Hello Fuyuka its me Kasumi,Fuyuka get to the steel tower as fast as anda can,Endou and Fudou are...
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posted by lunarwolf123
endou mamoru(mark evans) is the captin of raimon jr and inazuma japan. he is a goalkeeper and he wears a trademark orange headband. he is the grandson of the greatest keeper, endou daisuke(david evans). he is always cheerful and he never gives up. his hissatsus are god hand, true god hand, fireball knuckle, true fireball knuckle, blazing knuckle, inazuma one, inazuma drop, inazuma break, tri pegasus, majin the hand, fist of justice, megaton head, the earth,the death zone, hammer of wrath, ijigen the hand/remastered, god catch and omega the hand. he a coach in IE GO. his charcter song is mamotte miseru (i'll protect it) and he does a song called mata ne no kisetsu with guoenji (axel) fubuki(shawn) kazemaru (nathen) and kidou (jude)
posted by ShadowProve13
Just so anda guys know, when the brackets appear (...) when someone is talking that means that they are thinking.
Sai: I'ma Baaaack~ And guess who's come here with me?

IE cast: Conner!? (Please say yes!)

Sai: *Giggles* Good guess, but no. Everyone say hello to Alex, but everyone calls him 'Hex' cause he's kinda into that black magic mumbo jumbo.

Hex: Hey. And Sai, my religion is Paganism, so I don't do 'black magic mumbo jumbo'. I do witchcraft.......Sorta.

Sai: Yeah well, my religion is better!

Hex: Your religion? Oh! anda mean Jashinism. A.k.a 'The...
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Inazuma J Spike (イナズマJスパイク)

Sawayaka Spike (さわやかスパイク)

Kasamino Spike (傘美野スパイク)

Seishun Spike (青春スパイク)

Mikage Sennou Spike (御影専農スパイク)

Hoshikuzu no Shoes (ほしくずのシューズ)

White Spike (ホワイトスパイク)

Soyokaze Spike (そよかぜスパイク)

Marshal Shoes (マーシャルシューズ)

Shikkoku no Spike (しっこくのスパイク)

D Lion Shoes (Dライオンシューズ)

Ninja Spike (ニンジャスパイク)

Phaser Spike (フェザースパイク)

Wing Spike (ウイングスパイク)

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posted by celia-chan
Kino Aki (木野 秋) was the first manager of Raimon Bola sepak Club and later one of the managers for Inazuma Japan. In the Inazuma Eleven GO series, she is the coach of Akizora Challengers.
She is the childhood friend of Ichinose and Domon. Aki, Domon and Ichinose lived in America and played Bola sepak together. She witnessed Ichinose being hit sejak a truck and decided to give up Bola sepak because of this. She and Domon returned to Jepun under the impression that Ichinose was dead. Later on, she met Endou Mamoru and was impressed sejak
Aki as Inazuma Girl's goalkeeper in Inazuma Eleven Strikers
his love...
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posted by Zoro_Roronoa
It was a sunny afternoon and I've got nothing to do but lazed around looking for something to do.Then suddenly I found this "thing" about Inazuma Eleven.I thought about the girls and thought that maybe I can pair them up wiht some other boy so here are the results that I pair up the girls with...

Endou and Aki
Gouenji and Natsumi
Kidou and Haruna
Tsunami and Touko
Kidou and Fuyuka
Endou and Fuyuka
Kazemaru and Reika
Edgar and Fuyuka*I dunno about this*
Ichinose and Aki
Ichinose and Rika
Edgar and Rika
Hiroito and Reina
Ryuuji and Reina*I don't think so*
Endou and Natsumi
Kogure and Haruna*maybe*
Kudou and Hitomiko*this is NUTZ!!*
Fudou and Haruna
Endiu and Touko
Fubuki and Fuyuka
Tachimukai and Haruna
Goku and Chichi*Just KIDDING HAHAHAHAHA,anyway this is Dragon ballz stuff,this couple*

And thats all I guess the most CRAZIEST one is Tsunami and Rika...AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_< >3< ITS @#$%&* MAN!
Part 25- The seterusnya Challenge

The steady hum of the caravans engine eased everyone into a peaceful sleep. Soon after their departure from Hakuren, the members of Raimon snuggled up into their sleeping bags and fell asleep. Everyone, except for Satsuki.

Her head rested against the window, watching the Hokkaido landscape slowly pass sejak her. The sky began to change into a light purple as the hari turned to night.

Satsuki began to think about what had happened that day. Raimon had finally defeated Gemini Storm! It was a miraculous battle, no thanks to Fubuki....

In the beginning of the match, things...
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posted by Tonikablaze
It has been a long time since I left.I know it`s not important if a member leaves.But it`s important if many of them leaves.When I used to visit here regularly then here in this club we had a lot of fun...a lot of excitements..We used to post sweet things on eachother`s wall.We knew It`s the best club in the world.It`s the place where everyone gets pleasure....We had fun playing Role Play(forum).Never ending pary(forum), quizes and polls.Everyday we came and enjoyed.We were only 1000 peminat-peminat then.We wanted new member,more peminat-peminat so we can have lebih fun....People did come.But Many of us left.....but...
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posted by ShuuyaLover
Summary : Goenji was depressed due to their Lost to Argentina's The Kingdom. And he was even lebih confused when they watch a video of the old Japan's represantitive teams in FFI. Who's the guy that looks exactly like him?

Chapter 2 : GoenjixKidou?

Goenji Shuuya's POV


When I heard my family name, I turned to the person who called me. It was Otonashi Haruna, Kidou's precious little sister. Hehehe. Let's just wait what his reaction will be when he finds out that Fudou had captured her heart.

"Why are anda still here, Otonashi? I thought anda have a tarikh with Fudou." While I speak, I wondered...
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 Kidokawa Seishuu
Kidokawa Seishuu
Raimon's seterusnya match is against the team they fought in last tournament; Kidokawa Seishuu. And this team is also under Fifth Sector's control also. Ishido Shuuji meets up with the coach of Kidokawa Seishuu that is revealed to be none other than Terumi Afuro. Raimon's match against Kidokawa Seishuu starts and Raimon gets a hard time with the match against Kidokawa Seishuu.

*The third match of the Holy Road start.
*The whole Kidokawa Seishuu team will appear.
*Terumi Afuro will reappear in GO.
*The water stadium will appear too during the match between Raimon and Kidokawa Seishuu.
*Aphrodi will appear in episode 29 of GO as the new coach of Kidokawa Seishuu (GO).
*Aphrodi has some connection with Ishido Shuuji.
*It is currently unknown why Aphrodi joined Fifth Sector.
*Aphrodi maybe joined Fifth Sector because it's leader is actually Gouenji whom he had a good relationship with in the past.
 Afuro "Aphrodi" Terumi
Afuro "Aphrodi" Terumi
 Kidokawa's captain
Kidokawa's captain
posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We're back~

IE cast: Ugh.

Conner: And 2 people have sent us some T & D's ^o^

IE cast: UGGH!

Sai: Stop groaning! *Grabs skateboard*

IE cast:......

Sai: Much better~ Okay, so our first lot of dares come from..*drum roll* afsha1997.

IE cast: *Sarcastically* Yay...

Conner: Here are afsha's dares.
axel laugh loudly in front of girls

natsumi wear bunny dress for 24 hours

mark put his tire in the lake

aki tell her feelings

sue punch eric

eric say i Cinta u too sue
Gouenji: I have to laugh in front of the...
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Yui and the other children are playing Bola sepak in the field. Yui sees that a boy is sitting at a corner in the field. Yui runs at him and says, “Hey, I am Yui. Do u want to play Bola sepak with us.”
Sven, “Hi! I am Sven, of course. I will play with u”
Hiroto, “welcome, Sven. Lets play Bola sepak together.”*Hiroto passes the ball to Sven*
Sven, “ok, lets go”
Yui, * thinking, “I wish this time u are with us, brother.”*
Hiroto, “Come on, Yui. What’s wrong?”
Yui, “nothing. Let’s go.”
………to be continued………
posted by MiguelPrates15
Chapter 1--just 5?----------------------------Here we are in a summer hari when three of our Friends were walking to a truck,the most gluttonous was rabiv,so he ran to the truck like a ferrari:
Rabiv:I want an Ais Krim of chocolate,nuts and,do anda have one of vanilla?
Character:Yes i have
Rabiv:Nice,give me three!
Edson:calm down Rabiv!you eat to much.
Mircea:yeah,we have to play football now.
Rabiv:yes,but we've got to find 2 lebih players to play a five-on-five game
Edson:Let´s ask for help to some people
In school....
Rabiv:(yelling)who wants to play football with us?
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Part16-Devil vs. Gods section1

After winning the game against Kidokawa Seishuu, Raimon felt confident about the game against Zeus. The team  practiced everyday before the game. They grew stronger with soccer, they grew stronger as a team.

It was only three lebih days till the match against Zeus chu. Everybody was getting lebih excited as the days drew near, well, everyone except Kidou and Endou.  Kidou knew that Raimon was not yet ready to take on Zeus. He was the one that experienced the wrath of that team. His team was destroyed sejak them, they were too powerful. Endou, however, had a different...
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Kyle comes to give the recap"Last time on Total Drama Island,our campers went through a talent show.The Cyber ikan took the lead with Axel's gitar playing,but thanks to Ash's Cinta song,his team got victory.So my soalan is will Ash ever admit his feelings.(Rises both of his arms in the air)find it out here on Total Drama Island".

At the camp-sites both teams were sitting around their cabins,Axel looks at Ash and becomes angry.
In the confessional
Axel furious"I hate that Ketchum,he's the reason why my team has Lost three times in a row,I vow on the name of the dark magic using organization,that...
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