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This Inazuma Eleven foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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posted by arham1234
It was raining on Chittagong(the city I live in) for three days! My school gave us Easter break for 4 days but, for the rain i became bored.There was nothing to do so, i decided to go for a walk. holding my umbrella, i strolled down to the Bola sepak field on my neighbor hood. The Bola sepak field looked just like the river bank side one on Inazuma Eleven.I stopped for a moment taking a glance at the field. Just then, i noticed 2 boys (they looked older than me). They were standing beside a pokok looking up on the sky.Just then a lightning flashed! I closed my eyes with fear after 10 atau 15 seconds,...
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