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posted by ShadowProve13
It'll get funnier near the end >->
It was friday afternoon, and api, kebakaran Dragon just finished practice. Aphrodi, Burn, and Gazel had the job of packing everything away.....In which Burn didn't help much. After everything was packed away, and Gazel scolded Burn for his "lazyness". Aphrodi walked up to the two.

"Hey Nagumo, Suzu?"

Gazel's eye twitched at his "nickname". He hated to be called that.

"Well, at least it's better then being called "Fufu"." Gazel thought.

"Yeah, what is it?" Burn asked, with his hands behind his head.

Aphrodi smiled at the two and...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: We've got some T & D's!

IE cast: Oh joy...


Conner: Errrr, Sai?


Touko: Is she alright?

Conner: *Sighs* She's thinking of ways of how to kill her cousins, Skye & Cj.

IE cast: *Freaked out* W-Why?

Conner: It's a long story. Anyway on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* Kiyama-Luna.
I dare ...

Burn to wear a merah jambu dress

Gazel to Ciuman Burn (while Burn is wearing the dress)

Aphrodi to throw the person that made him belive his is a god into the yu, ikan jerung tank

Tsunami to watch other poeple surfing while he can´t go surfing...
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