hei Ingrid, here's me wishing anda a very very very Happy Birthday!!! this is a tiny gift from me to you... I just wanted to say Thank anda for being such a great friend and an amazing little sister that I've had the chance to have... everything about anda is always so bright and cheerful and positive that anda make everyone around anda feel the same way too! ^__^

Not only are anda a peminat of Supernatural but you're also a writer like me which is really cool! Haha... I have faith in anda and your Penulisan skills so don't worry about anything... just believe in yourself and that's all that matters... plus anda have soooo many other Friends here to help out. Fanpop's a place where it doesn't matter if we've never met, being here is as good as spending time together side sejak side! Visiting Rio is still on the bahagian, atas of my senarai of places to visit so who knows, maybe one hari I'll be there and we can finally meet each other! Until then I'm lebih than happy to have our chats over here... its fun and something new too!

I'm probably gonna sound cheesy now when I use this quote but it does fit so here goes nothing -

"Friendship isn't about whom anda have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side..."

And this is something which applies to you! We may have known each other for only a few months now but it feels like we've been Friends for many long years now, and I know that we'll still be Friends after many many many lebih years have gone by! I hope anda have an amazing birthday Ingrid and enjoy yourself, this was just my way of saying Happy Birthday to you! *hugs* ^____^ x0x0x0x