New hope

17 years after Eragon dethroned Galbatorixs, Ismira had grown. A dwarf rider named Jacob and his dragon Kiro came to the now rebuilt city of carvahall with a green and blue egg. One of the offspring’s of Saphire the Dragon of Eragon. All the kids in carvahall lined up. As Ismira daughter of Roran touched the egg it shook and the shell cracked. A beautiful young green and blue dragon slowly came out. Ismira was overjoyed. She was trying to talk to him when she was telah diberi a message. She went utama to tell all about it to her parents Sir Roran and, Lady Katrina. They were very happy for her after they had makan malam, majlis makan malam she went up stairs to the deck and tried to communicate with him sejak mentally shouting hello as loud as she could but could not get him to talk back so she went to her parents and asked about Saphire saying if I am going to be a rider I need to know about them. at her school they had classes that taught the subject to the students she didn’t take the classes often because they were optional and instead she studied Domia Abr Wyrda a book also called the dominance of fate she read the message and this is what it said.

“Greeting this is Eragon and Saphire my dragon. We bring good news anda are now a rider. After one tahun anda are to go to Tronjheim in the Boer mountains .Were anda will meet king Orik, ruler of the dwarves. From there anda will travel to Ellsmerda the capitol of the elves. On the way anda may meet other young riders. Stay with them for it is better to travel in a group. Then when anda get there anda will stay there. To train with others of are order. In two years time set sail across the ocean. After a three hari journey anda will spot our coast line of sala fòmasyon. The first thing anda will do when anda get there is come find me and have your dragon find Saphire we will have anda find a place anda would want to live in then make it into a house. Then wait for further instruction.” Eragon and Saphire

“Ok”, berkata Ismira, “now to name you. Wait what do anda want your name to be.” The dragon berkata he wanted to be named after one of the greatest dragons. So she named him Eridor after a very famous dragon, he liked it allot. She decided to let him live in the same place Saphire did. He would eat wild deer from the spine and then go to the Toark River and he even made a pond with an inflow from the river there Eridor and Ismira would ikan and have long talks. Then after one tahun Eridor had grown big. Ismira’s father gave her his horse Snowfire. They road to the Boer mountains with Eridor carrying their supply’s once at the Boer mountains they met king Orik and another rider named Justin and his dragon lance, a silver and emas dragon. He was a much bigger dragon .Ismira and Justin fell in Cinta as they went to Ellsmerda they told of their life before.
Ismira asked “where are anda from?”
“I’m from Illyria. Where are anda from?”
“I’m from carvahall Eragon was my uncle and Saphire is Eridor’s mom”
“That’s cool I didn’t know that Eragon had siblings ,Queen Nasuada is my mom I don’t know who my dad is
Once they got to Ellsmerda they met Rhunon. The elf that made all the riders swords, she gave them both new rider swords. Ismira got a green one with blue gems in it then she named it, draumr kopa. Justin got emas and silver one with emas veins set in on one side silver veins on the other side he named his kveykva. There they met Queen Arya and her daughter, Princess Ellen, who was also a rider. And her Naga name was Lilith. For two years they trained their magic abilities with other riders and Naga they studied Domia Abr Wyrda a book wrote sejak a hermit that was the book of fate .Then they went to a big bot that could carry ten dragons. And there was an area where they could sleep alone. They met another rider named Brian and his dragon Gracken a black dragon with a white stripe on his belly. Gracken was another boy dragon. Brian’s sword was white with black diamond’s named blodhgarm. Ismira, Justin, and Brian were best friend’s .Eridor, lance, and Gracken were also best friends. At night the three Naga made a giant tent out of their wings. And Ismira, Justin and, Brian all slept underneath. After three days they spotted the coast of a beautiful island with a giant mountain with a istana, castle built around it. All around them were Naga they were everywhere. The first beings they saw when they got to the walls was a rider named Murtagh and his dragon Thorn. Murtagh is Eragon’s half brother. He brought them to Eragon and Saphire. After Ismira told Eragon who she and Eridor were they and their Friends were allowed to live in as good of quarters as Eragon and Saphire. After they ate and were introduced to everyone they went to sleep. The seterusnya hari they woke up and begun training. Ismira, Justin, and Brian practiced sword fighting while Eridor, lance, and Gracken mastered their flying abilities. One hari they were training to fight on their Naga back when Queen Arya appeared she had news of a new evil in Alagaesia. she did not know what it was. After four years of training, their Naga were some of the biggest Naga there. They found out that lance’s father was Glader ,Eragon’s master, and Gracken was Shruikans brother knowing their family made them both happy .Ismira ,Justin, and Brian had become the three best riders there and could beat their masters in a fight. So after five years they all went back to the land of Alagaesia. Each took with them a fourth of the eldunari and they kept a forth with Eragon. On the way back they were swimming on the water when they sensed the presence of something it jumped out of the water and it would have got Justin if lance Eridor and Gracken had not breathed so hot of api, kebakaran on it was fried instantly the seterusnya hari there was a big storm it slowed them down a lot so much that it took for days to get to land They and were at that time the best riders in the land. But out of nowhere a group of shades became known and were led sejak Raz’aks and Leberthyals. Queen Nasuada ordered Ismira, Justin, and Brian to help handle it. So they called together all the riders except Eragon and some chosen few so that they could still train riders and get eggs around to hatch and train. All the other riders came and made an army of riders and dragons. Then Queen Nasuada gathered together her armies, king orik gathered all the dwarf warriors, and Queen Arya gathered the elves. Then kind Orrin gathered his army. And they came together to form a giant army. There army was bigger than Galbatorixs army and the vardens combined. Gathering the army of riders they met another dragon named nightshade and her rider named Delve. they were going to go train in sala fòmasyon delve is Ismira’s little sister and once Lance saw nightshade Justin immediately felt a rush of emotions and Justin knew Lance was in Cinta .Nightshade was the sister of Gracken and they had a long talk about what had happened to them nightshade had been an egg in the bilik kebal, ruang simpan of souls and so was Gracken’s egg .All of a sudden there was a loud growl as lance and nightshade started frolicking which is how they test each other before they mate Justin and lance decided to go back with them to help Eragon train new riders on the way to sala fòmasyon they encountered murtage and thorn they were coming to help fight murtagh asked justin if they could talk alone so they went aways off and blocked there minds so no one could eves dropp then murtagh told Justin that he was his father