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posted by jacqulene11
Ok Kagome was travling with the band of seven. Bankotsu kissed her while she was sleeping and she woke up. Kagome was about to say something until Inuyasha came flying in the air.
kagome:Inuyasha, Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt!!!
Inuyasha getting up:I know your mad Kagome but we need to talk.
Bankotsu:She doesn't want to talk to anda mutt face. Kagome is with us now so go back to your clay statue Kikyo.
Inuyasha:I am no longer with Kikyo and don't get so cocky just because anda left Naraku a few months ago.
Kagome:Leave me alone. I don't want nothing to do with you. You've hurt me too much this...
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posted by jacqulene11
Inuyasha:Kagome did anda bring me some of your
ninga food?
Kagome:Why is that all anda want. I've been gone for 2 months for my sick grandpaw and all anda can think about is food.
Inuyasha:Does it matter it was time for your old geezer grandpaw to die.
Kagome:Inuyasha, how dare you. So what if your stronger than me atau a half demon, but I can still hurt you. That means SSSSSIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
Kagome:Inuyasha anda have no soul what so ever, anda and that claypot Kikyo are perfect for eachother.
Inuyasha.Fine because I Cinta her and anda are just a pathetic...
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posted by InuYasha101
i was only 12 years of age when i ws able to go into the futal aira sejak myself. i went the same way as me mother and father went. when i got to my fathers aira i looked all over for them i couldn't find them i walk over to a village to stay for the night. they berkata that it was alright for me to stay. they guided me to the hut. i thank them and go right to sleep. in the middle of the night a demon comes and trys to distroy the village. i wake up right before the demon crushes the hut i was in. i ran far away from the demon but i tripped over a rock and the demon grabbed me. i screamed...
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