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 zafr what is love?
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^^ i think they look cute :P
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Zim: Hey, StarBurst! Come to your master!

SB: Yes, Master Zim?

Zim: *putting on his human boy look* I'm going on a date, I'll be back later.

SB: WHAT!?! 0_0 WHO!?!

Zim: I'm going out with Mar, do your chores, keep Gir under control, keep the dib pig out of my lab.

(door loceng rings)

Zim: *answers the door*

Mar: *hugs Zim* HEY!

Zim: So, are anda ready to go?

Mar: anda BET!

SB: *glares at Mar* >_<....

Mar: Ah! So, this is your maid?

Zim: Yes, I did not like her at all at first, but as time passed, she's a good kid.

Mar: *tryes to shake her hand*

SB: *does not shake her hand, glares more*

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