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posted by RealCosmic
A/N- saichanlovestoad does not own Invader Zim and she isnt not making any money off this fic.

This is an Mpreg Slash fic. anda don't like, don't read. I personally like it. There are several crack pairings in this one as well, including Tallest/Zim, Skoodge/Zim, Sizz-Lorr/Zim, and others. The main pairing is ZADR, though. This story also comes with warnings: Oral sex, fisting (sexual term for shoving knuckle into privates), strong language, graphic detail, repeated Mpreg, nonconsenual sex (ie-rape), fetishism, and use of toys. Any other warnings will be added on later. No flames. You've been...
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ok, I havn't done anything in a while,so heres a little action for you-or your OC-and Zim.if anda dont like smexy-ness with Zim, then dont read.

Your sitting in your room, on your bed, Muzik from your computer on full blast(you choose the song). Your hair is in your face; your eyes wet with tears. A phone is in your hands. saat before this moment anda were having a conversation with your boyfriend, and he was making anda laugh, like he always has. Just as anda thought he was going to ask anda to go to the movies, atau come over to his house... he dumped you. Then to...
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So, the artikel I'm responding to was made a long time ago, but it is still being read, and IZ peminat-peminat are being somewhat misinformed sejak it.

1. PARENTS DIDN'T LIKE INVADER ZIM THEY THOUGHT IT WAS TOO DARK AND VIOLENT. (Well, actually, this isn't entirely true. If anda go to Common Sense Media, a pretty good gauge of parent reaction that berkata "The Powerpuff Girls" was too violent, you'll see that Invader Zim is marked as being okay for ages 8 and up, and only a few reviewers complained about it being excessively dark atau violent.)

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posted by misanthrope86

Lately, a couple of people have been running around here yelling about how "gross" ZaDr (the Zim and Dib romance) is and blah, blah, blah. So I wanted to talk abou tmy position on some of these issues, even though the people who need to hear my message are probably not going to read my message, and if they do, I'm sure they will just saying something in response that makes no sense atau is offensive. But here goes...

1) anda are not required to like ZaDr.
~ I am 100% certain that there is no law requiring anda to like ZaDr, atau to visit the ZaDr club, atau to look at and komen on ZaDr images/videos/fanfics...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 Sick Dib And Bad Zim
Sick Dib And Bad Zim
Dib:Good Morning Dad
Proffesor MamBrane:GoodMorning Son :)
Gaz:Uhh Hii Dib
Dib:*Sings* This Is The LIFE!!...*Stops Singing*Uhh My Throat Hurts!!
Gaz:Haha The Way U Sang!
Dib:Its Not Funny!
Proffesor Mambrane:Wow Dib Son U Cant Sing?!
Dib:Idk Why?
Gaz:Haha!Maybe Ur SIck..
Dib:*Sniffs* ACHO!! Ok I'm Sick :S
Gaz:Poor U!
Dib:WhtEvr Gaz
Proffesor Mambrane:Hmm..Srry Son But Ur Gana Have To Stay Home
Dib:Ok Dad *Walks Upstairs SickLy*
Proffesor Mambrane:U! Go To Skool Gaz!
Gaz:Ok *Growls*
*Mean While*
Mrs.Bitters:*Growls*Grr Dib Never Got Here!
Zim:Hmm..Were Is The Dib
Zita:Hehe Look Now The Freak Is WorryIng...
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posted by titanicdragon
Zoey's pov

I had to work late and I called Zim telling him that I be utama a little later, he asked if he could pick me up, but I told him it was a nice night and wanted to walk utama alone. That was a mistake.

It was late June I was half way back to the base when I felt like I was being followed, I turned around a felt uneased something was there I could feel it. I started running then I stop and turned around the feeling was gone.

"Easy Zoey your scaring yourself"

"A beautiful girl shouldn't be on the streets sejak herself"

I jumped

"Who are you?"

"I'm Gilles De Rais prince of the vampires"

"Oh good...
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I woke up and found myself on the ceiling of a room I looked around there wasn't much in the room just a grand piano, a pisang pokok which all the bananas were labeled 'eat me', a vase right below me, and some pillars then I tried to stand up but I fell to the floor I shook my head I found my butt stuck in the vase. I tried to get myself out of it but I was jammed in tightly
Zim: "Zim commands anda to stop being stuck" I fell on the floor face first, brilliant I looked around then out of nowhere the Piano opened up and someone came out, keef in a tetikus costume what the heck!!!
Zim: "keef?" he...
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posted by zim123456
 invader zero
invader zero
courtney pov

i woke up i saw gir,okami poking me i ran to my mom and dad's room they were asleep and katie was drinking her water then mom woke up.

"courtney what are anda doing"mom said

"gir,okami is poking me"i said

dad woke up and he look mad.

"dad,mom can anda tell gir,okami to stop poking me please"

"gir,okami stop now"both said

gir,okami stop and i go back to my room then katie was laughing at me i saw a Cinta note it's from invader zero he was a friend of mine i read it omg he want's to go out with me then i pass out.

later i woke up i was at a house i know it was zero house i saw him wait for...
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posted by titanicdragon
In space

The tallest had been watching Zim for some time now and they knew about Star. They feared Zim might try to get back at them, but that fear soon went away. Though the found it weird Zim had a human girlfriend.

Red's pov

"My Tallest Zim and the girl are..." berkata a Rawak Irken

"What!" I yelled

"In Love!"

Purple began to laugh

"Zim in Cinta that could never happen and someone loving him back no way."

"Bring up a video of them again!" I said

"Yes Sir" berkata the Rawak Irken

"What are anda thinking Red?" asked purple

"That girl she doesn't seem human"

"Why do anda care what the girl is atau isn't?"

"I don't...
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Gir and Kat finally arrived at Lightopia. It was really cool looking. They entered some huge hi-tech castle. "Ah, I have been waiting for you, Darkshadow." Kat didn't mind Striker calling her sejak her real name. "Okay, princess, fun's over! Where's Zim?" Kat asked.
"Your friend, Zim?"
"I don't know how to put this, Darkie, but, he's dead."

Dead!? Kat completely Lost it. "Dead!? anda mean anda killed him!?" Kat shouted. "Yes. And there's no need to shout, Darkshadow!" he answered. "Do I seriously look like I care!?" Kat said, "What kind of leader are you!? Watch me kill anda somedat, Unicornia!"...
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posted by misanthrope86
Here is a collection of Invader Zim Petikan especially for you, anda pitiful humans!

Gir: Tell me a story about giant pigs!

Zim: Come, GIR. Let us rain some doom down upon the heads of our doomed enemies.
Gir: I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now.
Gir: Doom doom doom...

Dib: My head's not big! Why does everyone say that?

[a mystic escape portal is in Dib's own forehead]
Zim: There! That should be wide enough.
Dib: What about me? How do I get back?
Zim: Good question! BUT I DON'T CARE!

Dib: anda can't make me look! I'll just shut my eyes.
Zim: Oh, you'll open them. anda have to breath sometime....
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posted by InvaderCynder
"zim! watch out!" i yelled. but it was too late. dib had grabbed him and chained his neck tight.i screamed as he fell to the ground, his eyes cloudy and pale. "now, for you!" Dib exclaimed. "what is this about, Dib?" i demanded, taking a step back. he raised a pisau in the air."You embarrassed that zim's not here to protect you, i can get back for it."he explained coldly. before i could process it all, he had stabbed me in the beater (heart).

"HEEEEEEEEEELP!" i screamed, sitting at a right angle in my bed.'it was all just a dream!' i thought. "master. what's wrong?" cupcake, kek cawan asked. she...
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posted by DMhello
Camping Trip- Zim`s P.O.V.
This is a sequel to "Return of the Shadow Hog"

I was in my house making makan malam, majlis makan malam for myself; I was in a short sleeved white baju, blaus and my usual black pants and nothing else, with the exception of my wig and lens. I was putting the finishing touches on my shougayaki (grilled pork with ginger) I could now have thanks to Gaz, she gave me some of her antidote she invented when she first came to this planet, now I could eat whatever I wanted. There was a knock on the door and I reluctantly went to the door. When I opened the door I found Dib
Zim: "oh hay Dib, what are you...
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posted by Purplesim123
 Okami, the serigala, wolf
Okami, the wolf
Chapter one- Living, Just As Planned
    “Beep! Beep! Beep!” the sound of the dream-killing alarm clock in morning made the teen regret buying the annoying thing. Groaning, she turned away from the noise before she realized that this was the fourth time it went off. Heavy, brown eyes slitted open just to squint shut again as a hand rubbed them.

‘No, is it Monday already?’ With a groan, slowly rolled out of katil and changed into her default attire; a Rawak T-shirt, flared jeans, all-star shoes, a light jaket and her purple metallic necklace; a little, sphere...
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posted by Solo28
 Zim on his labah-labah Legs
Zim on his Spider Legs
Zero shot his cannon, but missed Zim.

Zim climbed on the back of Zero's ship with drawing any attention. Zim got in the ship and called Gir in.

Gir: Awwww, [Mode Changes]You're Lucky Kid[Mode Changes back]

Gir runs away to Zim

Z-9 gets up and runs screaming.

Zim: Gir, look at all the shiny objects.

Gir's eyes widened and sparkled, he ran through everything, tearing stuff up.

Zero: What the freaking heck is wrong with this ship.


Zero: No, Z-9, I'll deal with it.

Zero walks to the back of the ship and finds Zim and Gir.


Zero grabs Gir and throws him into the...
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posted by SweetSponge
They always ask me Sasha Green what is your race?
I only tell 'em I'm from a faraway place.
I do have a really annoying little sis,
But when she's driving her new Bentley
I'll be flying my spaceship
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
No dial tone use my fingers to phone utama
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
My finger's good for phonin'
'Cause I don't get charged for roamin'
Can't deny
Can't deny
That I am really from outer angkasa
Can't deny
Can't deny
That I am really from outer angkasa
Ou ou ou outer angkasa
ou ou outerspace
Ou ou ou outer angkasa
ou ou outerspace

I pimp my flying saucer out with...
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posted by Invader_K
 Invader jay
Invader Jay
"Jay! What are anda doing?!" Zim shouted. "I'm going to find Red! There's nothing anda can do atau say to stop me!" Zim shook his head. "Fine, I guess I'll just ignore anda then. I'm off to destroy the humans! GIR, Watch the house, and I'll get anda a filthy taco." Zim said, leaving. jay hurried out the door, running torwards Zim. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! NOO! DONT DESTROY ZIM!" Zim said, flinching. jay hugged him, and Zim's hati, tengah-tengah melted. jay smelled lke watermelon, and her skin. Her skin was so soft. He wanted to stay burried in her scent, her soft skin. jay let go of him and punched him in the arm....
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posted by Invader_K

sweet mother of corn! That girls in trouble!
TV guy

I dunno. But don't eat the muffins.

Does anybody want muffins?! *holds toilet up*

My legs aleep. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhaha! *smiles*

She lodged in there reaalll good,plus her foots pokin' out in china. And she screams all sacry like when anybody comes near her.

Whats he talkin bout? Wheres the colors? Wheres the pretty pictures? This plan is stoopid.
President Man
I uh have the nuclear people on the line.


I made sandwhiches!

I just noticed anda were closer to earth...
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You're laying on your bed, thinking about how fun it was at the party. Suddenly, your phone goes off. anda look at it, and it says
that your BF's calling. anda answer it and he breaks up with you. anda hang up and padam his number. Sure your mad, but not sad.
"Honey! Some one's here to see you! He says he knows anda from skool!" Your mom calls up to you. anda roll your eyes,and wonder
who came to see you. Then, a green skinned boy with no ears came into your room. It was Zim. The alien anda had a crush on
since anda moved into town. "Why do anda look mad?" he said, looking at you. "My BF just broke up...
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posted by zagrfreak94
 "Congratulations anda two, it's a boy"
"Congratulations you two, it's a boy"
As zim walked utama from skool he has been thinking of how to encourage Lard Nar (leader of the Resisty) to assist him destroy every Irken that dared to laugh at him behind his back. The Resisty hated the Irkens too which meant it would be hard for zim to influence The Resisty to team up with him, a rival.
Zim signed at the last thought and open the door to enter his base; of course Gir was in the sofa, kerusi panjang watching his Scary Monkey tunjuk like always.

"Gir, was there any response from the resisty?"

"I donno" Gir berkata not taking his eyes from the TV.

"I thought I told anda to... Oh forget it, I'll check...
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