Ariel's POV

Well anda see, there was this guy named Simon Black, and he was collecting purebloods to train to become good fighters. We didn't want anda to be captured, so we turned anda into a human, and I was taken instead.

"Ariel anda knew this? Is that why anda brought me over?"she asked

"Yes. That's why"

"You lied to me how can I trust you!"

"I was keeping anda safe"

"Simon is tracking me. I can't let anda go near him."

"Ariel I'm a fucking Grimm remember I fight monsters! anda know I help anda what eles are anda keeping from me!"

"Nothing else. If anda don't want to be selamat, peti deposit keselamatan and get whipped like I do, then go ahead."

"Fucking hell I'm already hearbroke that might easy the pain! and your my sister I help anda kill this bastard."

"Simon is immortal. He can never get killed. And anyways, I can help anda get back Zim. I never did like Chloe":

"Zim the one who doesn't want me I shouldn't have see this coming, I always get my hati, tengah-tengah broke"

Don't worry. I'm going through the same thing with Dib. Look, I'll help you. And are anda getting fatter? Your stomach is poofy."
She blushes "About that...."

"You getting fat, aren't you."

"I'm preggers and about Dib he madly in Cinta with anda he thinks anda hate him"



"Your preggers. Oh god"

"I know" she blushes again

"You shouldn't be fighting. Now take me to Dib."

"Stubborn remember?"

"If anda fight you'll die and anda can't let your child die"

"Right now Ariel I don't feel like living"

"Don't worry I'll fight for you. Did anda tell anyone else":
I was going to tell Zim but....

"I know how to settle this, but first lead me to my Dibbeh-kun."

She giggles


"C'mon let's go."

"Now wheres Dib?"


We Run to library

"Ariel Slow down!"


"Frist of Preggers saat whats the rush!"


I walked back to Zoey.

"It's fine"

I threw something at libray door"

"Yes" berkata Dib

I ran up and hugged him

"I Cinta anda too" he berkata

I Kissed him

"I missed you" He berkata Ciuman me

I cried" I'm sorry! I was going through a tough time, and......"

"I know"

Zoey walks away

"But Zoey really depressed isn't she?:

"She's preggers"


Don't freak out!!!!! Dibby"

"Is that why Zim dump her fucking asshole"

"No it's my freaking cousin Chloe

"What did she do?"

"Zim fell for her!!!!! SHE RUINED MY LIFE!!!"

"But Zim loves Zoey how that happen?"

"Chloe ruins everyone's if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat her"

He graphed my wrist

"Ariel don't do that that be to kind"

"Can I at least kill her"

He smiles

"I berkata eating her was to kind make it as painful as possiable."

"And after that Jasper needs his ADD medicine..................."


He kissed me

"What about Zoey? anda know she wants to help"

"She can't. She's preggers. It'll kill her"

He sighs

"I know but when has she ever listened?"

"To me when I............................"


"Got mad"

"You didn't get mad sweetie"

"I get VERY mad when people annoy me........."

He kissed me

"Why Zoe is Zoe"

"Well she irritated me.........."

"She knows she has to listen if she likes it atau not I stay and watch her but can anda kick Zim keldai a little for being an ass"

"I can get Gillies" I berkata with a grins

"Question does he really like her?"

"He went psycho for a little while so.........."

"So no?"

"He got over it"

"Part me wish he hadn't because I really hate Zim for hurt Zoe"

"I know..............but I ate a Irken before, so..."


"It was along time ago"

"Ariel do anda think he left Zoe because of that?"

"No. It's not that."

"Then what anda can tell me I hate Irkens!"

"The tallest annoyed my dad"


"They were saying they're stronger and will take over the Immortal empire."


"I know, but now I gotta kill Chloe. Come on!"

"Ok but what about Z?"

"She can watch. Unless it get's too disturbing"

"You know perfectly well that she will join"

"I'll keep her away"

"How Zoe is almost as strong as you? anda do remember she can't be hurt sejak other vampire gifts atau magic"

"Yes, I do. But she's pregnat. How much can she fight. She can't even run"

"You be surpried but how strong she could get"

"I know. It might be because I bit her and my powers transferd to her. Anyways, I think my Death Scythe will be enough"

"I don't know would anda really hurt her?"

"If I had to"

"That thing is pretty big and holds a lot of power"

Dib let go of me

"I can't believe anda do that to her after everything she did for you!"

"Dib I'm trying to protect her and it won't hurt it happend to me before because Jasper got mad at me!"

"What about the baby?"

"What about it"

"It could get hurt"

"True............I'll just have to yell at her" I said

"I won't fight even though I want to ring her fucking neck!" Zoey said

Dib Jump

"Where anda come from?"


"Ok then"

He kissed me

We went to Choles place to kill her.

I walked into the room where I saw Chloe. She was all Ms.Sunshine.

But not for long

I walked up behind her, grabbed her neck, and threw her against the wall.

What was that?!" she yelled at me.

But I didn't wait. I went up and bit her. She fell to the floor with a bloody scream.

Zim's pov

My head felt clear

"What happened?"

I walked out and saw Ariel

Ariel looked at me like she did to her father


She pinned me to the wall, and fast

"Let me go!"

"No! anda sick bastard!"

"What I do!"


"I would never do that!"

"Uh, anda just did!"

"NO Chole did something to me!"

"She erased your memory, didn't she!"

I cried

Ariel let go of me, and hid my face in both of hands

"Well now Zoeys pregnat with your kid!"


"Zoey is preggers dude!"

"Is she ok does she hate me how did anda know?"

"Oh, she hates anda alright"

I frowned

"So I guess she doesn't want to see me"

"Now c'mon, anda two need to make up"

"Why I screwed up she be better without me"

"She'll kill herself without you, now come on!"

She pulled me sejak the arm

"I thought anda berkata she hated me?!"

"Well anda two are gonna make up!"

"Why anda hate me why help us?"

"Because your like my brother"

"You have a brother?

Two. They're twins. But don't tell anyone!"

"Why Not?"

Because I don't want them to come here! They mess up everything!"




"Just............shut up and come on!"

I came with her and felt no hope in me I meessed up this time.

"There she is, now go talk to her lion!"!

"Ummm hi Zoey"

"Here to break my hati, tengah-tengah more?"

"No no no no Ariel sent me here and......umm....."

"Oh so anda couldn't do it your self"

She was crying


"What! Damn it spit it out!"

"I Cinta you!"

"Really than prove it!!!!!!!!!!"

I got on my knees and cried into her hands

"Do anda know how many nights I cried myself to sleep!"


"How can I trust anda won't do something like that again!"


"Really then why anda go to that bitch!"


"She did WHAT!"


"Let Me at that Bitch!"


"Damn I should your my mate not hers!"

"Well, Ariel killed her, so........"





"I love...."

"I Cinta anda too"

She cried into my shoulder

"I missed anda I thought I never see anda again"

"Well anda did"

"OW" I heard Ariel scream


Who are anda people?" berkata Ariel, standing up

"Ariel it me Zoey"

"I don't know Zoey. I don't know anyone"

"How old are you?"

"F-five?" she laughed

"Fuck she has a bad case of mermory lost"

"Wow, this place is nice. Who built it?"

"Zim are her meromies in there?"

"In where?"

"Her head?"

"I don't think so"

"Hey, who are those people in there? And who's the pretty one with Blonde hair. The really tall one"

"Thats Jasper and he bad news"

"But pretty people are good, right"

"Not always Dib!"

"Who Dib?"

"Someone who loves anda very much"

Dib's pov

I saw Ariel

"Ariel" I said

" Huh? I don't know you"

"Ariel it me!" I shouted "

"ummmm" she began

"Whats wrong?" I berkata worriedly

"Oh yes! Your my scythe! pick me up and holds over head*:

"huh?" I though

"Ariel snap out of it! Ariel" yelled Zoe

" I can use this to hit people!"

"Ariel!"Zoe yelled*

"What?" she asked like a child

"Think long and hard about your pasted!"Zoe ordered:

"I'm gonna go see pretty boy!"

I frowned "Well thats it she never Cinta me!" I berkata I stated to walk away

Zim graph me "Oh no anda don't"

"Let me go Zim!

Zim growled "Fine" he lets go

I ran off

I saw Ariel hug Jasper " HI!!"


I started crying

"HI!!!" she berkata again.

"Hey Dib, can I have your ex now since she Lost her memory?" asked Gillies

"Fuck off" I yelled

Gilles was surspried but I didn't care.

"Why should I care do what anda want just leave me alone!"

"I thought we were friends!: He runs off crying

I felt bad for hurting him but my Cinta life sucked I hear Zoey.

"Gilles calm down he still your friend how would anda feel if Ariel berkata she loved anda time time again she broke your heart"

Zoey knew how I felt because Ariel lied to her

"But that's because she's doing family consueling!!!" yelled Gilles

"Think if anda were in his shoes" berkata Z

"I know, but she's having a hard time with family, and anyways, I don't know how she has emotion when she has no hati, tengah-tengah in her. Literally, she has no heart. It's like, gone" he said

I sighed I should alih on then

" Her dad ate it" he finished

"And thats means"

"Her dad hates her and doesn't want her dating. That's why she's been so mean to Dib"

"Then she shouldn't played with his feelings if she that heartless!"

"Well, she loved him, but then again, her dad didn't want her around him, so...."

"Well still if she truly loved him she remember but no....Know what I' done I hate being the princess anda can rule them again I'm out of this hell!"

"You were put in charge of her so anda can't leave until her dad comes and get's her."

"I don't care! let Jasper watch her I taking care of Dib!"

I thought thanks Zoe.

"Jasper has ADD. And I'm mentally retarded. I don't think that's a good idea".

"So what she Lost her fucking mermory she a five tahun old she no different then the both of you"

He started to cry

"She lied to me my whole life I not happy with her right now."

He slaped her I heard Zim growl

"It was for a good reason."


"I'm not helpless"

"I know your not but your Berlakon selfish"

She sighs

"Frist it the hormonrs talking I'm preggers remember and I sick of have to take care of every one"


"Gilles I'm stubborn"

"Too stubborn. And why are anda sweating"

She smiles and hugs him "tried thats all"

The devil shows up

"Daddy home" Gilles hugs him

"Hi son where's Ariel?"

Zoe frowns and starts to leave and I was too

Gillies 'pov

My dad saw Dib and picked him and put a kolar on him

"Let me go" yelled Dib

"What a odd looking thing" my father said

"Please let my friend go" berkata Zoe

"Is he a sycthe?" he asked

"No his a vampire and my best friend too please take the kolar off of him and let him go" yelled Zoe

My dad take kolar off

"You'd make a good slave" he said

"Dadddddd" I yelled

"Well", berkata my dad. Where's Ariel?"

"She with Jasper" berkata Zoe

Those two.." berkata The Devil

Dib growled "I need some air"

Hi yall" berkata Ariel, skipping.

"What's wrong with her" berkata The Devil

"She hit her head a Lost her mermory" berkata Zoe

Dib doesn't look at Ariel

The Devil smacked her in the head. "That should do it.

Dib facepalm and Zoe faceplam

"It's happend many times" he said.

"Really and that should just fix it?" asked Zoe

"What happend" she said

"Told anda so", he said

Dib looked at her then at the floor and Zoe sighed

'Did anda get the stuff" berkata Ariel

"No" he said

"Come on Dib we aren't wanted here" berkata Zoe"

I think so" berkata Dib

They both started to leave.

Zim quickly picked her up a carried her. She kissed him.

"I never leave anda atau our child. Same with anda my friend"

Dib smiled and they left. I knew they weren't coming back for a while that is.

Zoe's pov

As Zim carried me it wasn't the same I didn't feel the3 same as I did with him when I first meant him. He berkata he wouldn't leave me, but deep down I knew he would.. It hurt to think that way but maybe just maybe things took a wrong turn and need to be changed But the past is in the past anda can't change it.

I looked at Rookie he and I were lebih alike then we should be. Both hurt sejak the one we loved and lied to, treated badly and more. I wonder now what would have happened if he would tried harder with me.

I smiled at the thought loved, but it wasn't real Cinta it was just I wanted to be loved and he was the first and I picked wrong.

Zim didn't even see my sadness atau care. I saw dib looked- worried at me I faked a smile and he smiled back, but I knew he knew something was wrong and it was but I couldn't change want it was and I have to live now. I forgive Zim but my Cinta and trust for him seen to be dying. What was I going to do?