Zim's pov:

*40 minit Later*

The loceng rong the kids ran out then i walked out i sat down at the meja, jadual then the "Liz" Human sat down seterusnya to me "What are anda doing?" i Say "Sitting down" "No i mean what are anda doing on your LabTop?" "Listening to music" "Whats Music?" "Music is...wait...you don't know what Muzik is?" "I mean uh....YEAH! I Cinta MUSIC!" "Okay...." "So whats your name?" "i'm Liz" "Yours?" "Zim"

I don't know why but this Liz is so Hot to me!Wait....what are anda thinking Zim?!She's Human!And besides irkens can't have mates!My head hurt so bad i didn't know if i should make her be mine atau not!Then i pastout.

Liz's pov:

All out of no where he pastout. "Zim!" isay as i shack him.Then Dib walked in "LIZ WTF ARE anda DOING?!" "He pasted out! and i'm helping him!" "NO LIZ!! HE'S A EVIL ALIEN!!!!" "I'M STILL HELPING HIM NOW LEAVE ME ALONE DIB!!!!!!"

Sorry it's short but hope anda enjoyed! :DD