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A collection of Zim fanart.
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("talking" 'thinking')

This will contain zadf and zagr and a hint of datr, for a warning for haters

At school Dib and Zim are in class and waiting for Miss. pahit, arak pahit to arrive everyone Zim is still in the hoodie. Dib is talking to Tak and Zim is Membaca a Manga book (like he would read a regular book). Then Miss. pahit, arak pahit comes out behind her meja all scary like
Miss. Bitters: "class today we will be learning about Shakespeare and his horrible ending productions can anda filthy children name some"
Zim raises his hand and Miss. pahit, arak pahit calls on him
Zim: "Romeo and Juliet, Henry, Winter`s Tale, Hamlet,...
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Zim was walking down the road. Gaz saw him, and caught up with him. "Hey stupid Zim." Gaz greeted, while she punched Zim on the arm. He rubbed his arm. "What was that for?" Zim asked, glaring at Gaz. "Because Zim. I have fallen in Cinta with you." Gaz said, looking at him. Zim looked confused. "Love? anda wish to be my Love-Pig?" Zim asked, looking even lebih confused. "Yes. I will be your Cinta pig and I'll end your life the moment anda say yes. So anda better say yes. atau I'll kill you." Gaz said, glaring back at him. "Hmmmmmmmmm.... Ok" Zim said,looking smug. "OK." Gaz said, h;ehtnjezrguoegnergnoeroghnergnoeroghnrtoghndiogn i know this sucked. Its because I HATE ZaGr!!!!! SO DO ZIM AND GAZ!!!!! (well they do in my world anyways)
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Zim quickly started to remember that the Dib Child was missing. He began to wonder where he went. He had no idea of what was happening in Irk. In a couple months, he is to find out.

Irk............(The massive)

Dib and Blink spent 5 months playing videogames, watching TV and destroying planets. The most imporant thing was that Blink and Dib enjoyed their time together. Dib sighed. "Blink, we've done all the fun things on Irk. I'm bored." He said, rubbing his eyes. ''Me tooo....'' Blink said, yawning. ''Yah, you're always bored. he, just like me.'' Dib said, standing up. Blink stood up too. Suddenely,...
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