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posted by PhineasFangirl
"Say it, Isabella," Phineas demanded teasingly with a gleam in his yes.
"Say what?" Isabella turned to Phineas, hiding her blushing. "What now?"
Phineas laughed. "Come on!" he pleaded, taking her hands. Isabella let go quick and her face flushed red.
She shook her head, mumbling an, "I don't get it." before turning her back to the read-headed boy. "Wh..." she smiled, then faced Phineas once more. "You really want me to, don't you?" she gave a slight giggle then played along. "Hum, I have no idea."
"Just say it!" Phineas was on his knees now, begging. "Say the only thing I live to hear anda say!"...
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posted by violetpinkgirl
Isabella couldn't believe it.Her parents were splitting up her dad was staying in Danville but her mom was moving to Mexico and she was going with her mom for good.She had to tell Phineas,and the Firesite girls that she was moving.and she was just about to get up the nerve to ask Phineas out,and now she's moving 1000 miles away from her almost boyfriend,and troop.She told her mom that she was going over to Phineas's house,her mom understood.She went over to Phineas's house dragging her feet along the ground,She neared the gate and heard Phineas silently crying into a book.She walked in droopily...
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