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During a private showcase Jung Yong Hwa hosted for his first solo album “One Fine Day,” he was questioned whether there are other artists he wants to collaborate with in the future. He answered, “There are so many. For this album I didn’t have any [collaborations] with women artists. For my seterusnya album, I want to sing a sweet duet with a woman. I have a song prepared already.”

He then added, “The artists I want [to sing with] are IU and Ailee since I’m already close with them. Also, I really want to collaborate with an artist named Sunwoo Jung Ah because she has a unique voice....
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In an encounter with writer Park Ji Eun, the topic was about asking the brilliant cast of the drama "Producer" namely Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin to focus on the prevention of leakage on the script before its broadcast.

On March 13, according to a drama official, writer Park Ji Eun requested the cast and crew not to leak the contents of the script outside, until the first broadcast.
Normally, a drama script is created in two files, a book form and a Hangul file. But for the "Producer", only the book form was made because the Hangul file can easily be released to the Internet...
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It seems like every time I turn around, there's lebih fantastic casting news from the upcoming drama Producers. After news that Kim Soo Hyun and IU are considering leading roles in the series from the writer of My Cinta from Another bintang and that Cha Tae Hyun had officially accepted a role, Gong Hyo Jin is the latest actress with a confirmed offer on the table.

If Gong Hyo Jin accepts this role, she, like Cha Tae Hyun, would be playing a ten-year veteran variety tunjuk PD. Kim Soo Hyun would be playing a rookie PD who used to be a prosecutor, and IU would be playing an idol who made her debut at...
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IU revealed a KakaoTalk conversation she had with her little brother.

Apparently, her little brother doesn't care if his older sister is one of the biggest names in Korean entertainment, because he's lebih bent on ignoring her. IU uploaded screenshots of her conversation with her little brother onto her fancafe, and most of the chat is IU trying to get her brother's attention sejak texting "Hey" over and over again.

At one point, IU gives up with the string of "Hey"s and says instead, "If anda keep ignoring me, I'm going to stop giving anda all allowances." Only then he answered, "Why?".

After a few 'conversations', she finally concluded. "Oh, I guess anda just don't read my texts anymore."

The conversation amused many fans, who commented, "In the end, they're just normal siblings..", "To him she's just the annoying older sister", and "She's looking out for you!"

source: allkpop
The MTV actress exclusively tells Billboard about her Cinta for powerful females and YG Entertainment acts.

The 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards took place in New York on Feb. 6 to honor international television, Filem and actors shown on DramaFever, the popular streaming service for global TV and film.

Kim Jong-kook (host of popular Korean variety tunjuk Running Man), Seo Kang-joon (of Korean drama Sly and Single Again), and Yuki Furukawa (of Japanese drama Mischievous Ciuman 2: Cinta in Tokyo) were on hand to receive their awards at New York's Hudson Theater at the Millennium Broadway Hotel that also...
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Even diehard peminat-peminat will admit that it's tough to find an entire K-pop album worthy of being labelled brilliant from start to finish. But there were a select group of artists who proved the notion wrong with cohesive bodies of work in 2014.

10. Rain - Rain Effect
The K-pop veteran's first release since being discharged from South Korea's mandatory military service, Rain showed how to make a comeback people would pay attention to with a collection of the year's best beats. There were hot singles ("La Song," "30Sexy") and on-point collaborations (HyunA on the zippy "Oppa"), making for a template...
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If anda guys have watched SBS's "Heroes", anda should know what IU's doppleganger is! What do anda think about IU's monkey/chimpanzee face?

Funny enough, some idols are known to have a resemblance to certain animals! IU the monkey, Luhan the deer, and Dongwoo the Dino?! Check out this hillarious senarai of 9 Idols that have adorable animal doppelgangers

1. IU - Monkey

2. Luhan - Deer

3. Suzy - Rabbit

4. Tao - Panda

5. Krystal & Jessica - Cat

6. Dongwoo - Dinosaur

7. Yoo Jaesuk - Grasshopper

8. Lee Kwangsoo - Giraffe

9. Sandeul - Duck
I can't believe we missed this (did we? I'm not sure haha), but Koreaboo telah diposkan an artikel a couple weeks lalu (yes, weeks T-T) titled "9 K-Pop Idols Who Look Way Too Beautiful in Uniforms", and of course, our always-too-beautiful IU was featured in it! Doesn't she look good too beautiful wearing anything tho?

K-Pop idols wear uniforms all the time, ranging from their performance outfits to like Girls’ Generation to the army uniform all men must wear for 2 years.

I can not believe that Angel is exist xD haha...who am I to know what atau who is exist in this world right!?
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Sonagiga naeryeoonda
Nae meoriwiro gapjagi maldo eobsi

Chueogi heulleo naerinda
Ttara nunmuldo heureunda

Jibeganeungil ajikdo meolgimanhande
Usando eobsi gamgigeollilgeotman gata
I giri neoegero doragalsu inneun girimyeon
Jeojeodo joheunde

Oh Rain Drop Oh Rain Drop
Sarangi cham mojaraguna
Oh Rain Drop Oh Rain Drop
Sarangeun jeo bitbangulcheoreom

Modu kkamake ijeobeorigo
Jeojeo beorigoseon apahaneun gamgigateun geolkkayo

Jinan yeoreumnal haessararae jjajeungnaego
Dwidora seobeorin nae eoriseogeum
Yejeoncheoreom usaneul deulgo seoinneun neoreul bondamyeon
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The official posters for the upcoming KBS drama “Producer,” featuring its star-studded lineup, have finally been revealed!

These character posters of actors Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, as well as singer-actress IU, which were unveiled on April 29, tunjuk off the cast members’ amazing chemistry.

In four of the ‘couple’ posters, the actors pair off with one another, as they pose playfully and flash bright smiles for the camera. Viewers that are anticipating the drama’s premiere are expressing their curiosity as to what kind of connection these four stars will have with each...
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Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU meet

translated sejak Pechumori

The teaser video of the drama "Producer" starring Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU was released.

On the evening of April 19, the production team of KBS2 entertainment drama "Producer" (writer Park Ji Eun and PD Pyo Min Su and Seo Soo Min) published their first teaser video through their official Line account. The short video of about 45 saat featured the four main leads, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU.

Cha Tae Hyun who plays the role of Jun Mo, an entertainment PD for 10 years came out...
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Songstress IU and actor Lee Hyun Woo are out to make us all dream of bright summer days in their new foto shoot for the casual clothing outfitter UNIONBAY.


The concept of the shoot is a beautiful summer vacation, and so the two stars are wearing subdued yet colorful outfits and sporting fashionable but practical accessories.


The two are now official Model for UNIONBAY and appeared in the brand’s spring foto shoot together earlier this year.

They have also worked together before when they hosted SBS‘s “Inkigayo” together, and when Lee Hyun Woo appeared in IU’s music...
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Dating continues to be a sensitive issue in K-Pop. It takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. See who was involved in some shocking dating rumors that scared the pants off peminat-peminat everywhere.

The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up sejak the artists and their agencies, but some peminat-peminat continued to wonder if it could be a cover up, and suspected the truth might still out there.

1. IU & Super Junior Eunhyuk
In November of 2012, a Scandal involving Super Junior’s Enhyuk and IU arose when the following...
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With all the hush-hush going on about the upcoming variety drama, “Producer,” I started thinking about what surprises awaits the eager and excited peminat-peminat for its premiere. As one of those fans, I also started thinking about how different this role is for IU, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, led me to thinking about my kegemaran role of hers to date: Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, Lee Soon Shin from “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.”

The drama itself certainly had its flaws, but, for me, it never diminished the happiness I felt at watching our leading lady grow, succeed, and...
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New childhood foto-foto of IU are up on a community portal. Another reason why netizens can't just get enough of IU's superior and unchanging looks.

There are foto-foto of baby IU, and her earlier days in primary school. She looked so cute and adorable in foto-foto where she was wearing hanbok and one foto of her in white dress and ribbon.

You can't really blame netizens if they continue to dig lebih of her pre-debut foto-foto because she indeed has superior visuals. See below:











source: link
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Korean selebriti often try and push the limits of trendy hairstyles in both their dramas as well as in their other promotional activities. For better atau for worse, going blond is a trend that keeps popping up in the Korean entertainment world. Take a look at these foto-foto and let me know which ones anda think are the best and the worst!

1. Lee Hong Ki in You're Beautiful
[link Oh Jeremy! anda will always be my kegemaran blonde in Dramaland! His infectious charms coupled with this fun-loving hairstyle made for the perfect combination. The funny thing about his haircut though was that it was constantly...
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KBS 2TV‘s upcoming drama Producer has announced its premiere date, making many anticipate its first episode as the countdown begins.

Starring Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and IU, there has been much hype and anticipation for this Televisyen series since the confirmation of the cast senarai as each of them have impressed viewers as main leads in other hit dramas.

Besides these four main casts, Kim Jong Kook will also be making his Berlakon debut (link) in this drama, twenty years since his debut in the entertainment industry as a member of Turbo.

The cast participated in the first private...
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Of course, knowing Korean news media, this might be refuted 10 minit later, but for now, local news outlet bintang News is reporting that Pelakon wanita Gong Hyo Jin and IU have been confirmed for the new KBS drama “Producer” (working title).

Star News cites a related sumber at KBS.

In the new drama, Gong Hyo Jin will play a PD and IU will play a bahagian, atas songstress.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun has already been confirmed for this drama. “Producer” is set in the world of the variety entertainment department of a Televisyen network.

The writer is Park Ji Eun, who also wrote “My Cinta from the Stars”and...
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Although this is a drop from last tahun (IU was 10th in 2014), she still is high ranked!

Forbes Celebrity 40 is determined sejak first taking the bahagian, atas 100 most searched people of the tahun (data provided sejak Nate) and ranking them based on 4 different measures:

1. Sales - estimated based on appearance fees, CF guarantees album sales, etc. + reported overseas income

2. Media exposure - number of apperances in the bahagian, atas 3 newspapers, covers of 8 magazines, Ilgan Sports

3. Televisyen exposure - CF model ranking and appearances on talk shows and variety shows

4. Professionalism - TV ratings for actors/MCs, total...
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It seems we will have to wait a little lebih until IU's seterusnya comeback.

Previously IU was revealed to make her comeback with a new album in April, but since the filming of KBS's drama 'Producers' will kick off soon this March, her agency has released a statement saying that the comeback schedule might be pushed back after she wraps up the filming for 'Producers'.

A rep from Loen Entertainment berkata on March 10th,"She will continue with the recording of the new album while she's filming for the drama. The promotions can only happen after the drama concludes".

IU has been casted to play as a bahagian, atas bintang in 'Producers' along with Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun. It's scheduled to broadcast every Friday and Saturday this April.

source: link