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YoonA (Girl’s Generation) and IU will soon be battling each other for the ratings bahagian, atas spot when their dramas debut in the coming weeks.

Yoona will be featured in the upcoming KBS2 Mon-Tues drama “Prime Minister and I.” She will play a struggling reporter who becomes a tutor for the prime minister’s kids so she can get better stories. The drama has been described as the Korean version of “The Sound of Music.”

IU will be featured in the upcoming KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama “Beautiful Man.” She will play a naive girl who does her best to please the beautiful man Dokgo Ma Te.

“Prime Minister...
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Yes, IU's H&M dress was cheaper than Kang So Ra's MAMA gown.

Following the news of Kang's $39 H&M gown, belated information about IU's lovely jubah, frock, pendita hit media outlets today.

On November 13, theYou're The Best, Lee Soon Shin actress wore a custom-made $31 dress from H&M to the 2014 Melon Muzik Awards. The originally $25 off-the-rack piece was custom made for IU. Specifically, the dress was shortened, rectangular cut outs were covered, and it was fit perfectly for the "You and I" singer.

IU's last drama Pretty Man wrapped in January. The KBS romantic comedy series co-starred Jang Geun Suk.

What do anda think about selebriti wearing affordable dresses to awards shows?

source: dramafever
Dongnyok Publishing has issued an apology to singer IU for the controversy surrounding her song “ZeZe.”

Dongnyok Publishing is the publishing company for “My Sweet orange Tree” in Korea, and it brought national (and even global) attention to IU’s song on November 5 when it expressed its distaste for the sexualization of the main character in the book, Zeze, in the artist’s song, writing, “Zeze is a five-year-old who is hurt because of the abuse he receives from his family. With his words, ‘Why must children grow up?’ he makes many readers cry.” The company also objected to...
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Even after IU apologized for the controversy surrounding the lyrics in her song “Zeze,” critics and supporters continue to Debat about the interpretation of her lyrics.

Writer Soh Jae Won wrote on his personal Twitter, “Even in art we respect taboos. If someone dragged my pure work of art across a boundary line and used ‘art’ as a justification, I would curse them. We must respect boundaries so that art can remain art.”

In contrast, film critic and TV personality Heo Ji Woong took a supportive stance sejak criticizing the publishers of “My Sweet orange Tree.” “It is not right...
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IU is once again proving to be a global power and name as her baru-baru ini controversy with "Zeze" has even grabbed the attention of British news outlet, 'The Guardian.'

While the artikel glossed over making any commentary on the actual controversial nature of the issue, it does reveal that the book her song was based on, 'My Sweet orange Tree,' has seen a great revival as people scramble around to get their hands on a copy and read it for themselves.

In response to this international feedback regarding a rather negative story, netizens relayed their displeasure, leaving komen-komen like, "This is embarrassing,"...
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Lucky for IU’s manager, he will have the honor of having a singer with one of the most beautiful voices at his wedding to sing the congratulatory song to celebrate the soon-to-be-married couple!

It has been reported that IU will be Singing at the wedding of the manager who has looked after her since her debut as a singer in 2008, when she was only in her third tahun of middle school. This former manager and now director of IU’s agency, 40-year-old Bae Jong Han, will be holding his wedding ceremony this coming July 11.

In the midst of her busy schedule, especially following the wave of love...
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Singer IU recently revealed a foto of her father for the first time, as they spent the hari hari together doing fun activities.

On March 28, IU telah diposkan a caption on her personal Instagram account that reads, “This is my dad,” along with a foto as well as video featuring her dad.


In the snapshot of the father-daughter duo, they can both be seen dressed chicly in sunglasses, with IU wearing a black sweater and jeans, while her dad is clad in a black leather jaket and jeans. The singer’s dad is receiving attention for his stylish outfit and youthful appearance that makes it hard to believe...
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IU and Lee Hyun Woo showed off their close friendship in sketch-cuts for their spring advertisement for apparel brand 'UNIONBAY'!

The brand's new faces, IU and Lee Hyun Woo, shared during their interview on set, "We joke around and felt comfortable with each other as if we were Friends that meet up every day, so we had fun during this photoshoot.

With our teamwork being great, if the opportunity presents itself, we would like to work with each other in a good production."

IU and Lee Hyun Woo previously worked together as 'Inkigayo' MCs and for IU's "You&I" MV.

source: link (more foto-foto here)
Singer IU is currently gaining attention for the dress she wore to an awards ceremony last month.

After actress Kang So Ra was put into the spotlight for wearing an affordable dress from H&M to the 2014 MAMA ceremony on December 3, it has belatedly been revealed that IU’s dress worn to the 2014 Melon Muzik Awards (MMA) costs even less!

From the same brand as Kang So Ra’s off-the-shoulder blue lace dress that costs 39,000 KRW (approximately $35 USD), IU’s floral-print chiffon dress costs 35,000 KRW (approximately $31 USD).

Last month, on November 13, IU made her appearance at the 2014...
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The lovely IU has shown her equally lovely hati, tengah-tengah sejak giving peminat-peminat the gift of her voice with a new song! She revealed the song for free with an muat naik through Loen Tree's YouTube channel, and it's titled "Knee"!

As if to thank peminat-peminat for her win at the '2014 MAMA', IU telah diposkan on her Twitter, "I'm happy. It's all thanks to you. This is a present." She then provided the link to the audio heard above, which avid peminat-peminat of the singer may recognize it to be the full version of the sebelumnya snippet she let peminat-peminat hear on a peminat community page.

IU, of course, wrote and composed the song herself, so make sure to give it a listen above!
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Subete wo wasurete
Dokoka he nigedashite
Iketa nara sometimes anda swear

Kako ni shibararete
Mirai wo osorete
Tojita eyes Hiraite take me there

Motto jiyuu ni
Motto karei ni
Bokutachi wa utai odoreru
If your tears are falling
Makes your smile lebih shining
KIMI-rashiku umarekawaru
Start of New world

Shippai wo Hajiratte
Jishin sae nakushite
Soredemo if anda couldn't despair

Dareka wo aishite
Iki mo dekinaku natte
Isn't it hard pretending like Okay

Motto kirameki
Motto kagayaku
Bokutachi ga hikari hanateba
If your tears are falling
Makes your smile lebih shining
Arata na tobira wo hiraite
Start of New world

Sono sekai...
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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Jepun and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of November 1 to November 7 below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. Zico ft. Babylon - "Boys And Girls"

2. IU - "Twenty Three"

3. f(x) - "4 Walls"

4. Lim Chang Jung - "Love Again"

5. Zico ft. JTONG - "Day"

6. IU - "Shower"

7. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - "I"

8. Soyu & Brother Su - "You Don't Know Me"

9. Zion.T - "No Make Up"

10. Brown Eyed Girls - "Brave New World"

< Gaon Chart National Physical...
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After raising further interest as well as backlash from speaking up about IU's current controversy over her track "Zeze," the publication company behind 'My Sweet orange Tree,' Dongnyok, issued an apology.

On November 10, the company took to its Twitter once again to relate, "We apologize for having been unable to respect different interpretations. We are posting this in relation to defamiliarizing ourselves to another interpretation because we published the book only under the intention of the original writer and empathized with that intention.

"We only hope that the Penulisan we telah diposkan beforehand...
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Despite the baru-baru ini controversies that now surround the idol, IU was able to hold a successful fanmeet at the Jamsil Lotte World Square Mall Atrium earlier this month.

Although IU’s album Chat-shire was able to quickly climb to the bahagian, atas of charts and her track “Twenty-Three” maintained its high ranking despite many releases from other artists, the singer has recently been embroiled in various controversies regarding plagiarism and “lolita” themes.

Despite this, many peminat-peminat still showed their support and Cinta for the singer at her baru-baru ini peminat meeting event. As shown visually through the photographs...
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Heo Ji Woong spoke up once again on IU's behalf.

Amid the various criticism IU is receiving, he said, "People who say that it is a taboo even for expression have a trend of trying to make everyone follow the moral boundaries they build. Even people who don't believe it's a big deal start taking sides because they don't want to be judged morally. If someone is a pedophile atau if they support it, they can be punished through law through proof. Just because they see it that way, it's not right to reduce this to agreeing atau opposing pedophilia and bully them."

He added, "Just as the people have freedom...
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On the January 28th episode of 'One Night of TV Entertainment', IU talked about the present she received from Seo Taiji's wife Lee Eun Sung.

The talented vocalist and legendary artist collaborated for his track "Sogyeokdong" from his long-awaited comeback album 'Quiet Night', and it seems his wife wanted to give IU a thank anda in return. IU commented, "Just working together taught me a lot. I think it taught me things that I couldn't even buy with money."

She was also questioned about what Seo Taiji did to thank her considering the huge success of her version of "Sogyeokdong". IU revealed, "Seo Taiji sunbae's wife Lee Eun Sung gave me a really pretty wallet present. I was so touched."

Did anda ever get a chance to listen to IU's "Sogyeokdong"?

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[TRANSLATION] 130327 IU THE FIRST FANMEETING IN Jepun 『TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM』 - Voicemail + Talk + Singing Every End of the hari

That was Voice Mail!
Ah~ It’s sad.
The lyrics are sad right?
This song.. is about confessing one’s feelings.
It’s not really.. cute.. cute…
or shiny.
It’s slightly bashful.
Umm.. kind of like a fool, it’s a pleasantly plain, plain…
and sad song
but, but the reason I really like this song!
is because it’s really sincere! Yes!
It’s… not packed.. packaged.. umm..
not packaged! not packaged and everything is presented as it is
umm.. and conveyed...
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We've already talked about the tragic saat leads, but what about the secondary/side romances that happen between the other characters in the drama? It's always a good thing to see the hero get the girl, but it's just as satisfying to see, say, the hero atau heroine's best friend happy and in love, as well. To that end, here are a few characters who found Cinta despite not being the main characters.

Bo Na and Chan Young(Heirs)
Amid all the chaebol meanness, some of these spoiled kids rise above it. Bo Na and Chan Young were such a couple. They went to school together and grew to be in love. While...
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A baru-baru ini incident concerning IU has been reported after a male peminat found his way onstage while she was performing on stage.

The popular female soloist recently attended the “2014 Misari 7080 Festival” at Hanam Union Park in Gyeonggi-do on September 27th, performing several tracks including “The Meaning of You,” performed at the request of her fans.

As her performance was nearing its end, a male peminat was suddenly seen running onstage and approaching IU, cell phone in hand. The male peminat was immediately restrained and taken off stage. While IU calmly finished her performance despite the intrusion,...
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Congratulations to IU, who took No. 1 on “Inkigayo” for two weeks running with “Twenty-Three,” despite no physical appearances on the show.

This week, IU took the win over formidable SM artists f(x), who took No. 2 on the show, and Taeyeon, who did not perform.

Performers for this week’s “Inkigayo” include BTOB, TWICE, December, MONSTA X, N.Flying, 24K, and more, with comeback performances from Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), Joo, and Romeo.

Also on the show, for their debut stage, was the new RnB group Big Brain.

f(x) — “4 Walls”

f(x) — “Diamond”

Joo — “Cry & Blow”


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