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Okay so I only watched the 2006 movie and have been asking if I really did want the crazy wife in the attic to die.
I have been a bit confused on some points since I never read the book as in why she was smiling when she threw herself off the rooftop. atau why her brother was so pissed to see Jane and Rochester being married. Sigh....
I feel somewhat sorry for the crazy wife in the attic though. Her husband was cheating on her and was trying to get married while he was still married to her. Just say I am a sucker for sad endings....
So I want to her your opinion! Post your opinion in the comments!
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Starring Orson Welles as Mr. Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane.
jane eyre 1944
black and white
orson welles
joan fontaine
jane eyre adaptation
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BBC miniseries starring Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester and Ruth Wilson as Jane.
toby stephens
ruth wilson
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2006 miniseries
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