Jesse McCartney is hot Single!
well katie and jesse have been 2gether on and off for like 3years and he has been single for the past tahun soooo i think he's lookin good without her.!Katie get a life and go find some1 your own age.Jesse find some1 who cares about anda and is smart enough to never ever let anda go!like Danielle Savre atau Sara Paxton!Sara Paxton seemed not cool on Summerland but she sweeter in person! Danielle Savre is just Amazin!i Cinta her she is the best!Jesse McCartney needs a girl who can let him follow his dreams on bein a fir fighter when hes older and Sara and Danielle can but Katie I DONT THINK SO. Jesse open your eyes so that anda can see that katie is girl dog on 2 legs!Whether anda like it atau not people Katie doesnt deserve for all the Jesse McCartney Kekasih and Katie haters..I'm with you.I HATE KATIE STUPID CASSIDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He made a New Album without Her!