Thought I'd share the Jessica love, because I've just completed a really fun project!

Because Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon, no one knows her real measurements, so I took measurements based on the Jessica Rabbit Large statue that I have, because it is physical and therefore measurable;

I assumed Jessica to be 6', like a landasan Fashion Model (she's statuesque) and also for ease of comparing her to the famous "Barbie Real Life Measurements".

Based on this scale, her measurements are:


Body Height: 6'
High Heel: 4.6" Heel
TOTAL HEIGHT: 6' 4 3/5"

HIPS: 34
CUP SIZE N (31lbs of breast tissue!)

Shoe Size: 1 wmn
Dress Size: 8


Her Legs are 2.64 x's LONGER than her Torso.
That's like your legs going up to your nipples.

Hip Waist Ratio: 0.51
Beyonce is considered super curvy and physically perfect with a .7 H/W Ratio!
Jessica is even crazier!

Oh, and Jessica would weigh 109 pounds when compared against "Barbie's Real Life Measurements". The interesting thing is that 33% of that weight is just from her boobs!