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Hope ya enjoy!
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JHOLD told me this was his kegemaran song
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well my Friends Timathy Kelly Payton and Trevor all came over 2day and i was burning some trash on the api, kebakaran pit i went 2 get the hose it wudnt budge i pulled really hard and it snaped off water shot out i turned off that pam and went inside then all of a sudden red dirty water starts shooting out of all the fousets in the house and they go crazy and spray every 1 and every thing with scolding hot water idked wat 2 do then it stoped the toilet lik erupted and then the water maine exploded taking out my side yard and now my mothers bunga katil is on bahagian, atas of my 4 story house my Friends and i r soking wet my powers out thank goodness 4 battery life and theres water shoting frome the grounded and my utama is flooded LOL this has been a weird hari im gon get killed sejak my parents LOL (R.I.P. JHOLD)
this is my 1st artikel so its kinda bad lol