Johnny Depp Johnny Depp bahagian, atas peminat Competition

SmokyeJD posted on May 28, 2011 at 02:08AM
The person who send most
Interviews (paper and videos)
Articles (you must be sure is it true)
Videos (behind the screen)
You can send In my skype: sm0lki3 or in my mail: so i can judge
Also you can post Icons.
Songs (text that you made) for Johnny .
If you win you will be TOP Fan For This Competition !!!


1.Every image, photo and wallpaper will give you 1 Point

2.Every video give you 5 points

3.Every true article about life and work will give you 3 points

4. Every song you made for Johnny, icons (must posted hare and size have to be 100x100, 150x150 , 200x200 , 250x250 or 300x300) the limit is 3 and every post will give you 10 points

5.every file must exist only one no copies. Every copy cost you point

The person who have the best score win
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