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The band started as a solo project for Nick Jonas. At the age of 7, Nicholas began performing on Broadway. He has acted in several plays, including A Krismas Carol (in 2000 as Tiny Tim and as Scrooge at eight), Annie Get Your Gun (in 2001 as Little Jake), Beauty and the Beast (in 2002 as Chip), and Les Misérables (in 2003 as Gavroche). After Les Misérables closed, he performed in The Sound of Muzik (as Kurt) at the Paper Mill Playhouse.

In 2002 while performing in Beauty and the Beast, Nick had written a song with his father called "Joy to the World (A Krismas Prayer)". With background...
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 Kevin, Nick, Joe
Kevin, Nick, Joe
Bad news for peminat-peminat of the Jonas Brothers, their new tunjuk that premiered it’s saat season this summer called Jonas LA may end up being cancelled only after having 2 seasons(with the sebelumnya season being called just “Jonas”). Disney is losing interest and sejak the sounds of it, so are the Jonas Brothers. The show’s producers are asking peminat-peminat to send letters to the Disney Channel’s main offices via siput mail, in order to be grated a third season.

We some people think that the Jonas Brothers have an uncertain future, and they have had that for a while now. I do hope...
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Yeah Yeahh

I was in the background, baby
Fading out the fuel
She was on the front lines
Shouting, "Start up the room"
I want to get closer
But there's nothing I can do
What a shame (Yeah yeah)

I'm heading for the exit
Guess it's time to hit the road
I wish she was with me
'Cause I, I just never know
I call the car up, thinking pedal to the floor
About to take off and she opens up the door

She said, "Let's get going. We've got time"
I can see that look inside her eyes, yeah
And to my surprise it...
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 Chelsea, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Nicole.
Chelsea, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Nicole.
In an interview, Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson from JONAS LA talk about their experiences with the Jonas Brothers. When asked which of the brothers they would like to be for a day, Chelsea berkata she would be Nick so she could appear on Broadway. Nicole's answer: "I would be Kevin because he has the coolest clothes." Of course he does.

 Nick & Mesy
Nick & Mesy
The girls also dished about what it's like kissing Nick Jonas. Nicole and Nick once shared a Ciuman on camera, but unfortunately it never made it on the show. "There was a Ciuman that was filmed, but it was cut," Nicole says. "I think it was cut because it was too steamy!" Chelsea added. "It was steamy. I was there, I watched every makeup lady go like, WOW. I think every person in the room wanted to Ciuman Nick Jonas after that one."

Do you?