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All of the above
Just everything about me
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JosepineJackson berkata …
Hi my dear Friends 🧡
I am just letting anda know that these days I am very busy with my endless apartment makeover, so I will probably be offline til seterusnya week. We are getting new windows, I have to organize and put away all the stuff, take off decorations and Rekaan new ones, cover all the furniture in film etc. It's already a chaos and gonna be even worse in a few days (dusty mess). Anyway, wish anda all a wonderful hari and weekend 💜 telah diposkan ·8 hari lalu
rahulshingtee dikomen…
Aw, gonna miss anda here. Take care 💞 ·8 hari lalu
autumn777 dikomen…
good luck ✌ ·7 hari lalu
JosepineJackson dikomen…
Thank anda 💛 ·2 hari lalu
JosepineJackson dikomen…
I am back sejak the way. ·2 hari lalu
rahulshingtee berkata …
Beautiful club Liana<3 telah diposkan ·11 hari lalu
JosepineJackson dikomen…
Aww, thank anda sweetie. I joined yours too 💜 ·10 hari lalu
JosepineJackson berkata …
Halloween is over already and anda know what that means? Yep, December is coming closer and closer and I am so excited, already listening to Krismas songs and dreaming about snow... Like we already started sharing Halloween themed things in September I am pretty sure soon we all will already be in that magical winter mood. And anda know what, my birthday is also coming soon and IT'S GONNA BE MY SWEET 16 THIS YEAR!!! (Yep, I am young...) One lebih thing to be excited about! 🎄☃️❄️ telah diposkan ·13 hari lalu
JosepineJackson dikomen…
So what I want to say is just, let's put on "Jingle Bells" and start looking for Krismas lights ❤️ ·13 hari lalu
JosepineJackson dikomen…
link link ·13 hari lalu