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posted by Broseph1
Duuude How cool would that be if Jude, was in a reality show. Ok imagine this dude in one of your fav reality shows. The guy would be a hit. I'm just saying Imagine that. DUUUDE that would be so rad. If the tunjuk 6teen was a real reality tunjuk i bet over a million viewers would watch it. Ok what if this would happen duude the guy is hillarious, and funny he should make his own comedy hit, like George lopez, atau kat williams. The guy is funny. Now that would be cool. Since i'm the first one to write a artikel about this dude. Imagine him on larry king live. What if him and Obama met. Ok i'm going over my head. But I'm just Penulisan what comes to mind Is that wrong since this is a fanpop. Anyways that's my opinion if jude ever went on a reality show.
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posted by Broseph1
Hello everybody. What a boring intro. How are anda dudes and dudets doing!! Anyways this came to my mind. What if jude and Tony Hawk were skatebording together in the mall in the tunjuk 6teen. Yea that would be cool. They would both have fun running away from the security, and doing skatebording tricks around the mall. All of jude's Friends would be jelous. And Tony would tunjuk they way to become a skatebording legend. How cool would this have been if tony hawk would come and visit 6teen. Jude would faint. (I think he fainted to much after the amount of blood he donated in one episode)Anyways this is my opinion if Jude was ever to meet Tony Hawk.