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pilihan peminat: of 2012 smile
pilihan peminat: March 1,1994
March 1, 1994
June 2, 1994
pilihan peminat: D.I don't know.Sorry.
D. I don&# 39; t know. Sorry.
A. Cotton Kandi
pilihan peminat: Justin Bieber
pilihan peminat: absolutely Fantabulogorgeous
absolutely Fantabulo- gorgeous
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tiada yang menjawab soalan ini
tiada yang menjawab soalan ini
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Selenabieber123 berkata …
Justin my birthday is coming up please for my birthday I want to meet anda please that's it 😇😇😇 telah diposkan ·20 hari lalu
gigigiggles berkata …
Please text me back I Cinta anda w all my hati, tengah-tengah and I am never going to change my mind anda are the best Justin anda are my kegemaran person ever anda are my hati, tengah-tengah I Cinta anda so so much I just finished hanging poasters on my dinding anda are the best !!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👱🏻🗣 telah diposkan ·27 hari lalu
gigigiggles berkata …
anda are an inspiration to me and don't let anyone put anda down anda are a very kind generous and thoughtful person and I Cinta the songs baby, sorry, Cinta yourself, one less lonely girl and cold water I Cinta anda forever I will do anything for anda anda are like a best friend to me and I have known anda for a long time I Cinta anda forever and ever never say never telah diposkan ·28 hari lalu