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a 16-year-old pop bintang who jets around the world, hangs out at the White House, gets chased sejak hysterical girls on the regular - and maintains the most perfectly coifed hair in the universe - it's hard to be a typical kid.

During a baru-baru ini interview, he talked about setting up time to spend with a friend. Except unlike other kids bumming around town, Bieber will be flying out his buddy to spend the weekend in a plush hotel, and will hang with him only after he's done with the myriad responsibilities that befall the hottest entertainer on the planet.
"I try to spend as much time with my Friends and just be a regular kid as I can on bahagian, atas of work," says Bieber.Of course, being a regular kid when anda are arguably the most popular commodity in entertainment is a near impossible task. It seems as if the world has been engulfed in Bieber-mania: The YouTube phenom-turned-superstar has graced the cover People, had appearances on "Oprah Winfrey," "Saturday Night Live" and "Ellen," been a guest at the White House and sold lebih than a million copies of his debut album, "My World 2.0."He poses for foto-foto with Kim Kardashian and starts a frenzy on Twitter. ("Seriously Biebs," she posted, "I'm getting death threats from your fans.") He's Friends with the Jonas Brothers and Jaden Smith and counts Usher as his professional mentor.
It's hardly kid stuff. But anda won't hear much complaints about it from Bieber, who figures he'd "probably work at McDonald's atau something" if he wasn't preoccupied with being a global sensation."People ask me, 'Do anda wish having a regular life?' And I'm like, 'You know, not really.' ... Just regular people, they're like, 'Maybe I want to be famous,'" reasons Bieber. "They want to be famous, sometimes I want to be just regular, just hanging out atau whatever. There's ups and downs to everything."
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if anda like justin bieber then this is the artikel for you1this is a website well justin own website he owns it the website is www.justindrewbieber.com go make anda account now and talk to justin now steps
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