Justin Timberlake Challenge

martina3 posted on Jan 13, 2009 at 02:56AM
Hey, Justin Timberlake, watch out: The new kid on “Saturday Night Live” will slap you with a cheeseburger.

Sure, Bobby Moynihan is willing to give you lots of accolades and kind words for your work together on the now-famous “Single Ladies” skit. “That Beyoncé thing, a lot of the jokes that were in it were his that we had made up during rehearsing for it. And we have the same birthday.”

And he also had other nice things to say, like, “He was awesome … another class act,” and, “He’s actually really cool.”

But he wants you to know that you’re not cool or funny enough to take his job. You’re going to have to take him on to get it.

That’s right: The dude isn’t scared of your muscles or your awesome dance moves or any of that. He’ll fight you. Just name the time and the place (we hear our offices here at 1515 Broadway are the perfect place for celebrity death matches).

“I can take him. I mean, he’s jacked, but I’m chubby. I’ll sit on him,” he told MTV News at a rehearsal for “SNL.” “Like, if you’re watching this right now, bring it. I’ll take you. You can do all your cool stuff, and bring sexy back, but I’ll slap you with a cheeseburger.”

Check out Bobby’s big challenge below. justintimberlakeforum.com

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