As everybody knows, JYJ could not have any contact with the rest of TVXQ members after the event. But recently, the two members are menunjukkan themselves on TV with a name of TVXQ. I believe that TVXQ is a name that can only be used if JaeJoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin are together. Also, what yunho berkata on the album huraian was very disappointing. Basically, he mentioned Changmin and himself as the saat Era of TVXQ, which means that we, at least I was the peminat of First era of TVXQ. In an interview, Yun Ho berkata that he would have been happy if any of JYJ member tried to contact with them like texting. But after the interview, in Jaejoong's twitter, Jaejoong berkata that he have sent him messages couple of times and also stated that he sent him a message now. But after that, Yun ho, again berkata that he had not get the message. Changmin basically berkata to JYJ that since JYJ is not TVXQ anymore, he berkata them not to act like TVXQ. Does he really believe like that? Really? So TVXQ to Changmin is just a fancy group with millions of fans, not JaeJiing Yunho Changmin Yuchun Junsu. As a peminat who loved them for lebih than 4 years, it is very heartbreaking to see their friendships crashing.