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kara play with winter!!
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This KARA foto contains jalan, tempat kejadian bandar, tetapan bandar, menetapkan, bandar tempat kejadian jalan perbandaran, and bandar. There might also be lintasan pelican, persimpangan pelican, bata, brownstone, rumah berturut-turut, rumah bandar, and rumah baris.

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The agencies of Hara and Junhyung have now confirmed the news of the couple’s break up after getting in contact with the idols themselves.

Several insiders in the Muzik industry revealed that the two had parted and decided to remain as friends, and peminat-peminat have been looking to Cube Entertainment and DSP Media to offer komen-komen on the matter.

Having contacted the idols, reps of both agencies have received word that the two stars have indeed decided to go their separate ways.

DSP Media reps commented, “Due to their busy schedules and KARA’s stay in Jepun for their promotions, their meetings have...
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