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 Hara 'Harper's Bazaar'
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This KARA foto contains berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, penekan seluar, potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup. There might also be pakaian luar, overclothes, outerwear, legging, leging, alas kaki, meliputi pusingan, and pantleg.

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We reported earlier that Kara had joined the chicken war among girl groups, as Model for COB Chicken.

And the CF has finally been released.

When anda first play the CF, anda would have thought that anda were just watching a clip of Kara doing their trademark butt dance from Mister. The CF finally kicks in with a still of some generic abs and then the chicken at 0.18. It was a smart alih to incorporate the butt dance into the CF. Kara will have their final goodbye stage on Inkigayo tomorrow.
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Kara, one of the sexiest groups of girls out there on the K-Pop scene, apparently has a deceiver in their mist. Who? It's none other than leader Park Gyuri. Now, when anda look at this idol talk, sing, and dance; what thoughts run through your head? Sexy, feisty, sizzling hot? These words are no strangers to us when it comes to the oh-so-fierce leader, but apparently her mother thinks otherwise.

In an interview with the SBS E! channel, Gyuri's mother said, "Park Gyuri's real image is the exact opposite of her on-air image. She has a very quiet and calm personality; when she debuted, I was worried about what would happen." She continued on saying, "People ask if Gyuri acts in such a powerful way in her personal life as she does on-air, but the truth is that she's like any other simple daughter who's reserved, kind, humble and very corny."

Could this be true? That begs the question: How many other idols are living double personalities?
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The pretty girls of Kara recently telah diposkan a video message on their web page wishing everyone a Merry Krismas and a Happy New Year.

The girls gave thanks to everyone for menunjukkan them a lot of Cinta in 2009, they also stated that they will continue to work hard in 2010.

Watch the video:

Kara grew a lot in 2009, winning their first ever mutizen with Honey back in March. They also continued their success with hits such as Wanna and Mister.

Congratulations for a great 2009 and I wish them much success in 2010.