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Review by kellyclarkson12 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (October 25, 1984), known sejak her stage name as Katy Perry, is a Grammy Award nominated, American singer-songwriter. Perry rose to prominence with her 2008 single "I Kissed a Girl" which has become a worldwide hit.[4] She is known for her unconventional style of dress, often humorous, bright in color, and reminiscent of different decades, as well as her frequent use of fruit-shaped accessories, mainly tembikai as part of her outfits.[5] Perry has a contralto vocal range.[3]

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1 Biography
1.1 Early life
2 Career
2.1 One of the Boys (2008-present)
3 Controversies
4 Discography
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Early life
Perry was born in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California, United States. The middle child of two pastors,[1] she grew up listening to gospel Muzik and Singing in church.[6] She graduated from Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California in 2003 and immediately moved to Los Angeles at the age of eighteen.[7] She changed her surname to Perry because "Katy Hudson" was...
Opinion by cubuffst posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Katy Perry will be performing live on YouTube on November 22nd! Check out her performance, and many others at link

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Article by JlO25 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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I got tattooed and she like eet....oh she liked eett!
My name is Jamie, atau OstachnowiczBitch on KP's forum. I am the girl who is getting Katy's album cover tattooed on my back! Katy has seen what I have so far and she is a fan! I know weird to say right Katy's my peminat too! lol, I have actually had the oppertunity to get to know her and I adore her! She is super sweet, and in awe of what I am doing for her...and me! This tattoo mean the world to me, Katy has pretty much been a part of the whole process, I send her pictures as I get stuff done, and when shes close to me on tour, Katy hooks me up at her concerts and gets me backstage, and looks on the progress herself, and hangs out for a bit! The last piece will be Katy's autograph, and she is super excited to do it, I guess she figures if I am willing to go through all this "that's gonna fucking hurt"as she so delicately put it, that she would support me back as much as I support her! She has become my friend through this process, and introduced me to new up and comming artist, and I am blown away daily on what comes to me all from wanting to put this beautiful peice of art on my body. I know everything I can get my hands on about her, and I am a junky over her, her music, and her!!LOL...