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Kendall Jenner FANS!!! i need anda HELP!!??

Hi Kendall Jenner fans,

Can anda all help me out with a huge favour?!

Im guessing anda all Cinta everything K Jenner?! Have any of anda guys been through some tough times recently, such as divorced parents, bullying etc and found that your Cinta for Kendall has pulled anda through it?

If so how?

I would really appreciate any stories/answers guys!!!!!


 lucydodd21 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Kendall Jenner Jawapan

6Bella7 said:
I think she got a #$@&* bungkus, balut due to an ad she was asked and paid to do..if anyone wants to be pissed be mad at PEPSI for coming up with idea in the first place!!! I think she is a sweet girl that got a bad bungkus, balut for no reason the sacrificial kambing, daging biri-biri so to speak, She deserves better,inact she is better!!!!
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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