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Facts....Try to prove me wrong.

1.Fact:No one believes in God.
Proof:They have not grew with the belief of God atau noticed anything spiritual happened.

2.Fact:Some people bully.
Proof:Because he atau she dislike the victim atau hate them,experienced being bullied but bully others, take there problems from there life seriously atau put there pain on others.

3.Fact: Some people don't like to hear the "Truth"

Proof:Because the truth really hurts atau people are comfortable with a lie such as a person stealing that is wrong,but he atau she may say is not wrong because they are comfortable with it (disapproving...
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The Weirdest Things I do...

I....weird stuff,weird people,and weird personality. I know and have some of those examples,but I think weird is kind of good. To my opinion I think is good because it shows ways that anda are different. I'm weird and I don't give a shit so, being weird mainly makes anda unique. People may think your crazy atau weird but he atau she may not understand anda like some people don't understand me. So....I telah diposkan this because i'm telling anda guys i'm weird. I'm not ashamed,but though I am allowing myself to be embarrassed. Is fine if anda laugh atau make fun of me because it won't...
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Reward is 2 pujian for commenting review sejak watching it first.
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Screwing Names

I got bored,so I decided to screw actors,singers,singer groups,and band names up. This was made for humor. If anda don't like it,don't read it. It maybe funny to anda atau don't make sense. I didn't made it to make sense so....

Jacking Bieber- Justin Bieber

5 secs of Hell-5 secs of Summer

Pimple Jackson-Micheal Jackson

Ariande Gradual Wave-Ariande Grande

Kim No Dashing-Kim Kardashian

Crispy Brownie-Chris Brown

Dat Jammy Snake-Dj Snake

One Damn Drama- One Direction

Black Married Veil Brides-Black Veil Brides

Kelly Crankyson-Kelly Clarkson


Fall of the boys-Fall out boys

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I'm a Muzik Guru to different Muzik and maybe some knowledge to artist. I mostly listen to Rap,Heavy Metal, ,Metal,Pop,ElectroPop, Hard Rock,Alternative Metal, Adult Contemporary, Hip-hop,Christian music.

1.We As Human "Strike Back"

2.Icon For Hire "Fight"

3. Kelly Clarkson "Miss Independent"

4.Kim Walker "Alive"

5.Nicki Minaj feat. Kanye West "Blazin"

6.Britney Spears "Stronger"

7.Kris Allen "Live Like We're Dying"

8. Family Force 5 feat.Tedashii "Chainsaw"

9. Shontelle "Impossible"

10.Hardline "I Don't Wanna Breakaway"
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This is really for Pabolj. But this method may work for anda if your reading. I sleep very easily often,but I hope this work for you. Your katil schedule suppose to help anda sleep normally fine...

1.Go to katil on time and never try to stay up.

2.Take sleeping pills if it works...XD

3. Take naps and anda will be use to lebih sleeping.

4. Avoid high sugar atau caffeine because it can keep anda up.

5.Listen to lullaby's, LOL just kidding it won't really work unless it does.

6.Listening to slow songs in a low volume atau other genres.


8.If anda try to sleep,go to a quiet room and relax in a comfortable sofa, kerusi panjang atau bed.

9.Do not drink Energy drinks atau Gatorade atau Powerade.

10.Do all of these steps atau at least 7 and anda will improve.

If anda have any other things anda want to ask for me to make an artikel on...I don't mind. Just go to katil kids, and don't let the katil bugs bite!
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I just figured out another way to have fun,but I never thought taking selfies would interest me because I was never a foto person. Now,I have some other ideas that may help anda cheer up from boredom. If this doesn't help you,well sorry it helps me.

1.Take selfies with a phone,tablet,or digital camera.

2.Make peminat fiction stories.

3. Dance like your crazy atau do the Harlem Shake.

4. Spin around circles on bahagian, atas of your bed,chair,table,etc.

5.Sing a song anda love.

6.Prank call atau text people.

7.Draw something atau build something than....DESTROY IT!!!

8.Go outside and ride on a skateboard,bicycle,scooter,...
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