Kim Hyun Joong Kim Joong B.Day.

nedthhyunjoong posted on Jun 06, 2010 at 08:14AM
what will you give to kim joong oppa in his birthday?????

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hampir setahun yang lalu FiveinLife said…
I don't know, cause we're step in different place and it's hard enough to me if I want send Leader a present. But the best thing I can do is pray for him to get the best in his life, include his positions as a man, child, artist, friend, and Leader in SS501. And I think I must not wait until his birthday come, cause I always do it in my each night pray.^^
hampir setahun yang lalu grinjack said…
Ta Da!

spent some time trying to think of the theme of the scrapbook
(to tell the truth, i have proposed 'Happy Birthday' and 'Wishes for HJ' and bb was telling me her first thoughts were, no theme lah)
yah, actually no theme is also a theme lah haha..

well, jokes aside, before the fun stuff begins
the more serious stuff first
the scrapbook shd follow the 3 main categories like last year

1. The first section will be on the past activities by LKHJ
2. Starlings' individual scrapbook pages
3. Any Behind-the-scenes pages

*for ideas, you can refer to HERE for the 2010 scrapbook thread for the overview on the scrapbook and also pic samples of scrapbook page


so, what's the theme??

thought abt it and slept over it slightly longer
decided that instead of complicating things,
why not go back to the very beginning
to where it all started

Theme: FALLEN FOR A STAR 스타에 빠져

the central theme and primary message will be Stars, stars and more stars!

use the page to share with wuri Star how did you come to know him and like him
as an actor, as a singer, or simply because of who he is
how you, a starling, fallen for a star ^^

you can have HJ as the only Star or
use objects of stars in your page
to achieve a starry starry *blink blink* effect

be as creative as you can be ^^
but no need to tear your hairs out or have sleepless nights, k?

For secondary message:
your birthday wish for him
AND of course, include your
wishes and encouragement for his upcoming solo album


credit: bb

* Each STARLING is to submit ONE page

* Please use (12'' x 12'') scrapbook paper

* The primary message will be Fallen for A Star 스타에 빠져,
and the secondary message will be your birthday wish(es) for him
as well as for his solo album.

* The words Fallen for a St★r or 스타에 빠져 or both MUST appear on your page.

you can use whatever materials like foam, cardboards, letterings etc to highlight the words
ensuring they are seen as the primary message

this will also give a consistent feel of the whole scrapbook

if you are writing, pls write in simple english
or have someone to help you with the translation in advance
(we won't be able to do english-korean translation for you)

* Remember to 'save' space on your page to pen your birthday wish and words of encouragement for his album.

* Remember to sign off your name!
(preferably, to indicate your country of residence as well ^^)

Depending on the number of submission,
if we do get the same number
we may be buying the same type of album last year
with clear pockets to slot in the pages
so there is no requirement to leave a buffer on the left margin

For the same matter as well
in order for the page to be slotted into the album
pls avoid making your page too bulky i.e. with many layers or 3D objects etc



* All STARLINGs, both living in singapore or elsewhere, are welcomed to participate
by sending in your completed pages.

* For Starlings who have joined in the scrapbook project last year
you had a taste of how its like ^^
looking forward to your continous support!

* For overseas Starlings, thank you in advance for wanting to join in. if you are joining in, indicate here and we will link up with you on the mailing address to send your masterpiece over.

* For local Starlings who are keen to join in for the first time,
and do not know what to do,
or requires help
we may do a session for you depending on the responses

details already as put up by miyo in the posts below

* Do indicate your intention
1. to participate in this scrapbook project
2. mode of handing in your masterpiece - collection session or mailing
3. you wanna meet up if there is a session

by replying to this thread, i.e. YES / Collection Session / YES
and we will add your name to the list of participants.

* We will be PM'ing STARLINGs who have indicated mailing
the mailing address
and other mailing instructions nearer the submission date.



All scrapbook pages are to reach us by
15th May 2011 (Sun), 23:59pm (singapore).

miyo: we will also be arranging a date for collecting the scrapbook pages.
Date to be announced later.. so stay tuned for updates.. ^^


LIT' UPDATES AS OF 2011.04.27 6:28PM:

ha! this is what happened when i needed to get something out
but cant think of what to write in the middle of the night
so the bare minimal first
and more details are added along the way

really sorry for the short notice

pali pali indicate your interest k?
looking forward to more starlings reply


LIT' UPDATES AS OF 2011.05.01 12:20AM:

we will be holding the first scrapbook and collection session on 7th May
do refer to the post on P1 for more details

a second session is on 14th May

for the local Starlings who are participating
and intends to hand in through collection session
pls indicate in this thread if you are coming for either session

by: ♥ emz