Kingdom Hearts Twilight Town Custom's

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plz add a reply if you read this =w= i want to know what you people think. this story took me 4 day's to do =w= i just didnt post on here when i got it done becuz i got busy with other stuff =w= so anyway enjoy <3

Twililght Town Custom's:for million's of year's now in twilight town there have been two kingdom heart's family's at war and a long time ago one of the family’s called twin lost there kingdom heart’s foxes when a war
went on between there family and the limitless after that both family’s made a deal the limitless would give one of there foxes to the twin family so they would have a kingdom heart’s fox aswell and the time comes once again for the deal to be made but when rexie the fox who is going to be forced to become the pet of the daughter of the leader of the twin family is told what she must do she get’s upset and runs to the dock to get some alone time then a girl named kairi from the limitless family who wants rexie as her pet sees her and follow’s her and see’s that rexie jumped into the raft that is tided to the dock. Kairi jump’s into the raft and scare’s rexie the ropes that keep the raft tided to the dock loosen and the two are stuck in the middle of the ocean with not a clue how to get back and if they don’t return home disaster will strike both the limitless and twin family’s
genre of story: hurtcomfortadventurefriendship/drama.

It was late afternoon in twilight town there where two castle’s at each side of town one castle had a family called limitless and another family called twin. At the limitless castle lived three foxes rexie,wind and snow. That afternoon rexie the most skilled kingdom heart’s fox of limitless was walking three the hallway of the big castle when her younger sister wind ran up to her REXIE! Wind yelled rexie turned around and smiled hey wind HI HI ! wind said while jumping around rexie smiled wind had always been a hyper and crazy fox she had pretty purple eye’s and rexie had orange wind was a white inari and rex was a nine tailed one along with there friend snow she was a blue inari with dark blue eye’s and she was the pet of rinoa so as the two sister’s where walking threw the hallway they stoped when they heard someone say HEY REXIE PIE! Rexie sighed and turned around to see kairi rexie never really liked kairi she had always tried to get rexie to trust her and be friends it got annoying and the fact that kairi gave rexie that nick name rexie pie and rexie got really mad about it sometimes, rexie looked up at kairi what is it? Rexie asked oh oh kairi said I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk outside? No rexie said im to busy now lets go wind rexie said as wind flowed rexie down the hall and kairi sighed.

Kairi turned around and walked back to her room thinking about rexie she was so cute with her orange and white fur and her orange eye’s and how she always’ telling kairi if she get’s to close she will go bad ass on her. But how could a little foxie be so bad ass? Kairi thought everything rexie did was cute and she wasn’t going to give up on her. Meanwhile rexie and wind where walking threw the halls of the castle they stoped when they heard yelling from outside rexie quickly ran with wind to the window and looked threw outside there where twins and some limitless fighting hmm looking like the twins are causing trouble again wind said yea I see that rexie said. Wind and rexie watched as the limitless fought off the twins that where fighting with the limitless. Ok that’s all of them aqua said aqua was the leader of limitless and she and some of the other limitless where always having to deal with twin’s aqua sighed as everyone who was fighting went inside.

That night at dinner everyone who was a limitless sat at a long table with lots of char’s rexie and wind came in and saw snow and rinoa and saw two empty char’s next to them so wind and rexie jumped into there char’s and sat down hi rinoa and snow rexie said hey rexie snow said how are you and rinoa doing? Where fine said snow good said rexie. soon everyone was there and dinner was served the three kingdom heart’s foxes got grunny’s to eat while everyone else got tacos after dinner was finished aqua spoke ok everyone listen I know we have been having problems with the twin family so im going half across twilight town to talk to the leader of the twin’s iv known her for so long but her family keeps messing with ours it must stop aqua said as everyone agreed aqua left the castle and when she got half away across twilight town there was a girl with short black hair and blue eye’s hello there Xion aqua said hello aqua Xion said back so some of your family was messing with mine again aqua said and it must stop before you leave my family with no choice but to kill yours aqua said that cant happen aqua you know the custom your most skilled kingdom heart’s fox must be the pet of my daughter namine twin Xion said I know said aqua well it seems rexie is ready to become a pet aqua said yes Xion said but remember after she become’s namine’s pet shell be the twin’s kingdom hearts fox and will live in the twins castle Xion said I know aqua said alright you know how the rest go’s then Xion said after they meet and get close we do the pet and master ceremony for them rexie nuzzles namine and namine put’s a collar around rexie’s neck and boom there pet and master for life so see aqua the reason we have been messing with you guys is because we want a kingdom heart’s fox too and this is the only way so tonight ill come over to your castle with namine to meet rexie ok? Ok said aqua. Then both aqua and Xion went home.

Back at the limitless castle rexie and wind where walking down the hall when aqua came running REXIE! Oh hey aqua listen come outside with me there’s someone I want you to meet ok said rexie wait can I come too? Wind asked sure said aqua as they went outside there stood Xion and namine rexie looked at them for a second and then looked at aqua whoa said wind as she looked at namine um what’s going on? Rexie asked oh well you see its our custom that uh here in twilight town the most skilled kingdom heart’s fox must be the pet of the daughter of the twin family… and so you must be the pet of namine twin aqua said pointing to namine rexie looked at namine and looked back at aqua WHAT YOU COULDN’T TELL ME THIS BEFORE NOW? I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER ! rexie yelled and ran off to the dock aqua sighed lets just give her some alone time aqua said alright said Xion meanwhile kairi was out walking when she saw rexie running over to the dock kairi smiled and followed rexie. rexie walked to the edge of the dock and jumped into the raft that was tided to the dock and sat down just then she heard someone else jump into the raft rexie jumped up and saw kairi GO AWAY! Rexie yelled no kairi said rexie growled at kairi im about to go bad ass on you! Rexie yelled kairi smiled and steped closer to rexie. Both kairi and rexie didn’t notice that the rope’s tided to the raft where loseing and then just as rexie was about to go bad ass on kairi the ropes broke off and the raft started moveing as kairi and rexie who where standing on the raft fell down. Kairi fell on the raft while rexie fell in the water KAIRI KAIRI! Rexie yelled REXIE! Help rexie said kairi used her hand to paddle over to rexie and pulled her up onto the raft rexie shook the water off her fur and sat down oh this is great its night time we are stuck on a raft made of logs in the middle of the ocean! Kairi sighed don’t worry rexie we will get back I sure hope so rexie said as the two sat on the raft as the water drifted them along.

Soon it was morning and kairi and rexie where sitting on the raft. Rexie sighed and looked over at kairi what? Kairi said nothing.. rexie said just then rexie looked over the water to see land OH MY GOD KAIRI I SEE LAND! Kairi looked and smiled it look’s like an island kairi said well who care’s said rexie lets just get off this raft when we get close to the sand alright said kairi as the raft got closer rexie was ready to jump off the raft when the wind blew the raft away from the island DAMN IT ! rexie yelled REXIE! That’s a bad word kairi yelled oh shut up rexie said. You cant tell me what to do just then kairi glared at rexie and the both of them started yelling at each other YOU DON’T SAY WORDS LIKE THAT YOUNG FOXIE ! WELL IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS FUCKING MESS YOU RED HEADED FREAK! Rexie yelled. Just then both of them stoped talking as the wind blew the raft around to the other side of the island it got close to the land to rexie and kairi got off the raft and walked onto the grass. this side of the island was different then the other side this had grass and a forest rexie sighed then heard a small crash kairi and rexie both turned to see the raft just drifted into a rock in the water and the raft broke apart. Rexie sighed again and said kairi im sorry for being mean its alright kairi said I know your just really upset yea I am said rexie.

Back home no one could find rexie and the limitless and the twin family had met at the middle of twilight town to talk out there problem Xion looked at aqua where the hell did she go? I DON’T KNOW aqua yelled she ran off all upset you where there with me you know that then we waited a while thinking she would come back and she didn’t! so don’t ask me where she is aqua screamed. Aqua? Wind said yes wind? Well since rexie isn’t here right now can I hang out with namine? Xion and aqua looked at wind and namine. And then aqua sighed well Xion what do you think? I guess they can hang out for a little bit said Xion YAY! Yelled wind can I show her around limitless castle? Wind asked sure said Xion is fine by me if its ok with aqua? Xion said looked at aqua yea its fine aqua said ok lets go wind said as namine and wind walked back to the castle. Alright aqua I give rexie two day’s if shes not back by then your family will pay for breaking the deal and the custom that we made long ago Xion said as the twin family turned around and left and the limitless family headed home as well.

Back on the island rexie and kairi where walking up to the forest when kairi saw a sign that said destiny island forest well I guess this island is called destiny island kairi said yea said rexie ok now let’s go rexie said as they walked into the forest. Meanwhile back wind was showing namine everything at limitless castle and heres my room wind said ok but you’re a fox how do you open your door? I don’t I get someone to do it for me wind said namine giggled alright said namine as she opened the door and wind and namine went in it wasn’t such a good room I mean she had a fox bed to lay and sleep and had fox toy’s all around the room namine smiled as she looked around then wind came up to her with a black and white ball she put it down and said this here is my soccer ball my favorite toy of all! Wind said namine smiled at wind she was so cute and had pretty purple eye’s so how do you play with it? Namine asked oh like this wind said as she put her left back paw on the soccer ball and kicked it right threw her window and then they heard someone scream and yelled WIND! Wind went to her broken window and saw terra oh sorry terra wind said I swear wind its like you make a hobby out of breaking window’s well wind is in the word window wind said terra sighed and walked away he was pissed.. wind could tell so… namine said you break windows? I don’t mean too its just something that’s always happened… I see namine said and is terra a friend of yours? Yea hes a limitless and everytime I break my window I always hit him with it because it seems hes always out there walking when I do wind said. how many times have you broken your window? Namine asked um about like 45 times now wind said as she stared chaseing her tail namine smiled it was so random the thing’s wind did and she was hyper and crazy but she was really cute namine went over to wind and picked her up wind looked into namine’s eyes and namine looked back and smiled come on lets go play outside namine said alright said wind but first you gotta put me down oh yea namine said as she put wind down and they went outside.

Back at density island rexie and kairi where walking threw the forest rexie was scared she wasn’t about to admit it to kairi she knew kairi thought she didn’t need her but in a way rexie was starting to think she did… rexie thought about how kairi saved her from the water she fell off the raft… and how kairi forgave rexie when she was being a bad fox for saying those word’s.. rexie was scared and felt like she needed kairi but would kairi be there for her?... rexie felt bad for always not giving kairi a chance. Rexie hadn’t even realized she had stoped walking and zoned out when she heard kairi saying her name REXIE! You ok? Kairi said waveing her hand in front of the fox huh oh yea im fine lets go said rexie as she started to walk kairi looked at rexie and started walking with her soon it was getting late it sun was setting and rexie still felt so bad just then kairi and rexie stoped walking when they heard a sound rexie started to look around and said um kairi what is that sound? I don’t know kairi said just then 12 heartless jumped out. Oh great rexie said first we get lost now we have to deal with these guy’s. kairi looked around and saw a long stick she picked it up and smacked some of the heartless with it while rexie used her teeth and claw’s to fight off the heartless. Kairi had chased away all of the heartless she was fighting then saw rexie getting bit by 3 heartless kairi ran and smacked the heartless and they ran away. Rexie fell to the ground she had cuts all over her leg’s kairi picked rexie up and for the first time rexie didn’t say let me go or im going bad ass on you. Rexie was hurt and scared she clinged to kairi and started to cry. Kairi went over to a tree and sat down holding the fox hush rexie its ok no it isn’t rexie said cuddling closer to kairi. Kairi gently pet rexie she was such a cute little fox but when she was upset it broke kairi’s heart. Kairi rexie said yes? Kairi said I didn’t know I didn’t realize i needed you until today rexie said as she clinged to kairi. Kairi’s eye’s got big and she smiled.

Kairi layed down on the grass with rexie in her arm’s rexie nuzzled kairi again and fell asleep kairi looked down at rexie and pet her gently and fell asleep. Back at twilight town wind and namine where outside playing tag and namine was it she was chaseing after wind wind was running really fast but was loseing energy and stoped running and sat down namine came running over and picked wind up I got you namine said yes you did because I cant run anymore my paws hurt plus im getting sleepy. Namine will you stay over tonight? There’s a extra bedroom in the castle alright said namine as they went in the castle namine put wind down and wind went and found aqua hey aqua can namine stay here tonight? Aqua looked at wind and sighed alright wind YAY! Wind said running over to namine COME ON NAMINE LETS GO! Namine smiled as she walked with wind to the bedroom. Namine opened the door and they went in wind went right to the bed the dug herself under the cover’s and layed down namine smiled at wind and got in the bed and as soon as namine layed down wind got up and came over to namine and layed down beside her. namine smiled and covered the little fox up and fell asleep.

In the morning rexie woke up feeling warm good morning said kairi as she held the fox morning rexie said kairi let go of rexie and got up and so did rexie ok we need to keep moveing rexie said kairi nodded as they started to walk. Back at twilight town namine and wind where up playing some more watch this! Wind said as she started chaseing her tail namine giggled wind your so funny I love it! Thanks! Wind said namine smiled at wind she was just too cute OH OH NAMINE LETS PLAY A GAME! Wind yelled jumping up and down alright said namine as she smiled again OH OH LETS PLAY HIDE IN SEEK! Wind said ok said namine wind looked at namine and said YOUR IT ! count to 34 wind said before running off to hide ok said namine as she counted after she got to 34 she started looking for wind just then she saw a white tail sticking out of a bush and namine smiled she went over to the bush and picked up wind WHOA wind said as namine smiled I found you namine said yea yea you did wind said then namine put wind down and said alright now you count to 34 ok said wind as the two continued to play.

The day went on and soon it was getting late again and kairi and rexie where walking threw the forest it was also getting cloudy and soon rain started to fall oh great rexie said just when things couldn’t get any worse wait rexie look kairi said pointing to the end of the forest oh my god rexie said as she ran out of the forest and found herself on the beach she first saw before the wind blew the raft around the other side of the island rexie smiled ok lets make another raft then get back home rexie said you got it kairi said. As she went and found some logs while rexie got some stems to tie the logs together after the raft was made they got on it and drifted off in the rain.

Back at twilight town it was night and the limitless family was getting worried knowing that if rexie wasn’t home by tomorrow something bad would happen. Wind and namine where playing inside now because of the rain and thank’s to aqua for fixing winds window they where playing in wind’s room again. Ok wind said OH look at this! Wind said pointing to a little tennis ball can we play fetch! Alright said namine as she picked up the ball and threw it across the room and wind ran and got it and brought it back to namine. Namine smiled as the two went on playing.

Back on the raft kairi and rexie had layed together to get some sleep as the rain stoped rexie cuddled closer to kairi as the two continued to sleep. Morning came and soon everyone at both castle’s where up wind and namine where outside playing when they stoped and saw the twin family comeing oh no… namine said you better go wind looked and saw the twin family comeing they looked mad… ok said wind as she ran off back to worn aqua well well Xion said bonding with another for are we? Well it doesn’t mater anyway namine its time to kill the limitless family we are going to have a keyblade war aqua said as namine froze in fear. Meanwhile wind ran back to the limitless castle AQUA THE TWIN FAMILY IS COMEING TO ATCCAK! Wind yelled aqua looked at the other limitless lets go! Aqua said. Meanwhile rexie and kairi had woken up and where talking when rexie saw the dock comeing up OH MY GOD LOOK! Rexie said where home and LOOK kairi yelled as they saw both family’s getting ready to fight hurry we have to stop them! Rexie yelled as kairi paddled the raft over to the dock with her hands then the two of them jumped into the dock and ran AQUA AQUA !rexie yelled REXIE! Both family’s saw rexie and kairi comeing where have you been? Aqua asked kairi and I well its along story we got lost I was sitting on the raft because I was upset and kairi came to see me and the ropes on the raft loosened off oh I see aqua said yea and im back now. Then Xion and namine came up you are back so now you will become namine’s pet Xion said kairi,namine and wind looked scared to hear rexie’s answer,, rexie looked at both angry family’s and looked at namine and said yes everyone cheered expect for kairi namine wind and rexie who was also heart broken… ok aqua tomorrow we will have the pet and master ceremony for them ok Xion as both family’s left namine looked back at wind who was walking away heart broken namine was starting to cry as she walked away. Kairi looked at rexie with sadness in her eye’s rexie started to cry as she ran off into the castle….

The rest of the day was sad and then the next morning came and both family’s met the middle of twilight town everyone stood to watch kairi and wind stood in sadness while the other two namine and rexie where getting ready to do what they had to namine and rexie walked up to eachother rexie saw the collar in namine’s hand and sighed namine looked over rexie and saw wind standing there and sighed alright ready? Yes.. rexie said as she nuzzled namine then namine was about to put the collar around rexie’s neck when rexie backed up namine looked at rexie and said um whats wrong? i… cant what do you mean you cant! Xion yelled because I … I .. want kairi? Rexie said Just then kairi smiled as rexie walked away from namine and walked up to kairi.
WHAT BUT THIS ISNT THE WAY WE DO THINGS! Xion yelled I really don’t care said rexie you know you only want me in your family so we can be more powerful yea mom namine said to Xion I want wind anyway just then wind got up and ran over to namine and looked up at her aqua and Xion looked at eachother well… aqua said looking at Xion. Xion then looked at aqua and then at rexie and kairi,namine and wind and said ok YAY ! wind said as she nuzzled namine and namine out the collar around wind’s neck and then kairi took out a collar from her pocket and said rexie iv been saveing this for you because ever since I met you I had my eye’s on you kairi said as rexie smiled then rexie nuzzled kairi as kairi put the collar around rexie’s neck. And after that the two family’s didn’t fight anymore and peace was finally made.
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