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As those who have read a page of my story I've based it on the fact that Ichigo has not Lost his powers. Yet as I have spun threw the internet I've found I should have based it further down the road. Haven't finished the episodes. So let me know which one anda like better, most of it will be the same except for the beginning.

KaraKura one tahun after Aizen's defeat.

Ichigo walked utama in the dying light after spending hours in the school's library. The dream he'd had the night before, had driven him to find some kind of answer to it in the library. Leaving a bad taste in his mouth as it had gained...
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Steven and Sam listened to the bullshit that Voro spouted out his well paid mouth. " Can anda believe this?" Sam berkata seething. Steven pressed his lips together and suddenly ran up and tackled Voro to the ground and started hitting the abusive, kidnaping jackass. "Jesus Christ Steven! " Sam ripped Steven off of Fuego. Who laid spitting blood on the conference hall's floor. Voro felt the fat lip and blackened eye coming on strong as well as at least 2 of his teeth now rattling in the back of his throat. Sitting up he spit them out. "I want this man arrested. He could even be one of the beasts...
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Lips had just been through the drive threw at one of the local dives when Voro's voice blared on the radio. "I'm begging the public...." Mira turned it off. "There goes us just getting on with our lives. anda know they'll have the air ports on lock down and the ports watched. Turn here at the mall." Lips nodded. "Mom doesn't look too good." Mira nodded. "We'll head out of town, lay low and let everyone recuperate...." Mira grabbed onto Lips arm and gasped. Lips looked into the back kerusi, tempat duduk with the mirror and nearly hit a parked car. There in the back kerusi, tempat duduk was a perfectly formed P.B. while mom....mom...
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Other then the few hours that Rukia had actually stopped sejak Jamie's cari had been unending for two days. Nothing. Jamie had brought up the map they had been working from on the inlaid touch screen computer in the breakfast island. Lips rubbed his desperately in need of a cut blonde hair, as he came to sit with his cereal bowl full of the local brand of sugared jagung flakes.
" Morning mom....ahhh ma. No not again. Look 'ole' Sammy must have gotten it wrong." The look that Jamie gave him had Lips apologizing. "Sorry. So where to today?" Lips grumbled as he sagged onto his bar stool. Jamie frowned...
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Jamie was finishing up her last massage of the wedding party that had been scheduled. Each of the members had so far been generous in their praises and tips. The bride had elected to go last.
"Oh my god, my whole body's turned into putty. I'll never go to another therapist." Jamie chuckled lightly. "Mac and Rikey are just as good." The faced down woman groggily raised her head.
"No its you. Only you." The way the client had berkata the 'Only you.' Gave Jamie a sudden uneasy feeling. She finished the massage and was about to leave when the bride waylaid her. Her innocent face had become one of pure...
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seterusnya town over at a restaurant.

Yuzu picked at the Makanan on her plate. It smelled good, but also off as if there was something missing. "Is there something wrong with the Makanan miss?" The waitress said. "Oh no....well it could use a pinch of oregano.Maybe a dash of saderi salt too." The waitress nodded and went back to the dapur and grabbed the items. "We aim to please." Yuzu blushed and thanked her before adding the ingredients. A delicate sniff made her smile. "Perfect." The waitress came closer and wafted the scent towards herself. " Oh my it does smell much better. I think I'll have to...
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Soul Society-Rongiku's bedroom-Rongiku's dream.

Rongiku found herself in Gin's arms dancing after her 1st successful mission at a living realm club. God she'd loved him then and still did. A kid with a tray of champagne came around to them. "Ah momma anda rockin the place with those moving curves." gin growled at the kid. "So-sorry papa bear. Grrr..here have a pass on me." The kid dangled a fancy emas coin medallion kalung from his fingers.Gin snatched it from the kid's hands and snorted. "Oh gin take it easy on him. He's just a kid." gin looked at her and smiled."You want this? Really? Its...
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