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Gagatomcatmacy posted on Mar 12, 2012 at 09:50PM
Many people don't believe that Howard Stern is qualified to judge America's Got Talent. Based on the things he said in this video, they are right! Make your voice heard at NBC. Watch this video and send an email or letter to the president protesting adding him as a judge to the 2012 season of the show. Many people are already protesting. Join us to help get him off the air. He has already been banned from public airwaves all across the country. His google stats say he is at an all-time low in popularity. People have had enough of his rancid talk. Primetime TV is no place for this foul mouthed hater. Gaga fans unite!
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hampir setahun yang lalu GeTgInGeReAdY said…
OMFG.....Howard Stern is a pathetic and very UGLY person...looks..personality..language..eve­ryt­hin­g about that man is UGLY!!! He hates that he cant be socialy relavent unless hes bashing others.....perfect example of a bully...he needs sum self worth n untill then..he will be a bully....We cant keep hating him...we must try to help him overcome his need to bash n bully...if he refuses to get over himself then...owell....GAGA IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE FABULOUS...NO MATTER WHAT IGNORANT BULLIES SAY!!