Lady Gaga 10 things anda like about Lady GaGa.

ShinoyAP posted on Jan 10, 2011 at 01:26PM
Hai Guys, I know that all of you love Lady GaGa. Then please tell 10 things you like about her.
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hampir setahun yang lalu LoveZaynMalik said…
1)Her LEGENDARY music!
2)Her beautiful, beautiful down to earth personality
3)Her secret messages and morals in her poetic songs (a very intelligent, artistic woman)
4)Her amazing confidence (in herself and her little monsters<3)
5)Her fashion sense&& style (always discussed in the media :D)
6)The truth and compassion in her eyes (makes me cry all the time)
7)How she neglects all hate and embraces all love around her <3
8)How she makes each little monster feel special and have a connection with her and God. The everlasting bond between us <333
9)How she gives us freedom in her music in a way that a others cant
10) A TRUE ARTIST, she'll never let any hurtful comment slow her down with her fashion or music. Because she knows that her little monsters are always behind her and will never let her fall. And even if she does (God Forbid) We'll be there with our hearts sprung out just waiting to catch her. I could go on forever about her, bu these are the things that truly inspire me about her <3333
hampir setahun yang lalu jodieebabee said…
1.that she dont care what ppl think
2.shes a great role model
3.shes proud to be her
4.her lovely personality
5.her awesome music
6.that shes all out
7.her looks
8.her sexuality
9.her fit body
10.that she reveals her body