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Many people take their children with them to Las Vegas. While I believe that little kids shouldn't be exposed to the nighttime debauchery on the Strip, and a lot of Las Vegas is not especially child-friendly, there are some things to do as a family in Las Vegas. Get off The Strip and to the rest of Las Vegas for some [link friendly attractions[/link. In fact, there are a few [link attractions on the Strip[/link of Las Vegas too, but in my opinion the naughty outweighs the nice there. If you're a parent planning to take a vacation in Las Vegas, consider what KIND of vacation you'd like to have...
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A pretty good video of the fountains set to The merah jambu panther, harimau kumbang
merah jambu panther, harimau kumbang
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my trip to the most colorful city in the world- the lights the sights
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The spectacular fall of an iconic casino in Vegas at 2:30am
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 Las Vegas BABY!!
Las Vegas BABY!!
Las Vegas nightclubs are some of the most sought after places to be at when it gets dark in Las Vegas. Come prepared atau anda might be disappointed sejak not being able to get into the club atau over paying.

Come prepared to go clubbing. Visit a website like link to get extremely cheap vip front of line passes that also cover your entry fee.

If anda do not want to buy tickets ahead of time, be prepared to pay $30- $50 per person

Dress appropriately. The official dress code for most major Las Vegas nightclubs is stylish attire. No t shirts, baggy pants, caps, sandals, atau Tenis shoes will be allowed.

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