Legolas Greenleaf What is your favourite legolas moment??

Pick one:
legolas and lambasFOTR
legolas and moria FOTR
Legolas, what does your elf eye see? TT
Legolas, what does your elf eye see? TT
Legolas: he&# 39; s here ROTK
Legolas: he's here ROTK
legolas and mumakil ROTK
begining of warg fight TT
All of his moments are amazing!!
legolas and gimli&# 39; s drinking game... : D
legolas and gimli's drinking game... :D
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Every moment with him in is awesome!
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&# 34; your late&# 34; (in elvish)
"your late" (in elvish)
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Legolas Helms Deep (Gimli & Box)
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