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Title: Welcome to my Life
Type: Songfic
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan created the character of Leo Valdez and anything associated with him and 'The Heroes of Olympus'. The song 'Welcome to my life' was writen and performed sejak Simple Plan.

Do anda ever feel like breaking down?
Would right now count?

Do anda ever feel out of place?
Well it’s not like I fit in…

Like somehow anda just don't belong

And no one understands you
Well, it helps that now they know about everything…

Do anda ever wanna runaway?
Been there.

Do anda lock yourself in your room?
Done that.

With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one...
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rating- YC

disclaimer- all rights belong to troll RR, I got the lyric from link so it's probably not wrong..., the song is Let her go sejak passengers!

Leo sat in the court waiting for his turn. He was still trying to get over what happened last night... His mom was... no I would not say it. Saying it would only make it lebih real. The police didn't really think that he would kill her but they had to follow protocol atau some such thing. He didn't really pay attention. There was a lot of time to waste and being ADHD really didn't help him. One of the policemen had felt bad for him and handed him and...
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