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Many people are judging Townsend without looking at all into anything that means something when it comes to a character adaptation. Let me write a review of Townsend as Lestat and then of Tom Cruise for the same version of the character.

Like everyoen else who have read the books, I see the Queen of the Damned film's version of Lestat is almost totally out-of-character but I personally hold only the script writers' and possibly the director and whoever really had any say on it, responssible.

Not the actor; not Stuart Townsend, at all - because he could not possibly have changed the character...
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posted by Myf_1992
Is Lestat's behaviour caused sejak his brothers and father, atau was his father and brothers' behaviour caused sejak Lestat's out breaks, in short, why is Lestat the way he is, and how did it affect the people he knew?

This has been argued a lot, not as a topic on its own, but as a part of an argument for other topics, so I thought I'd write this artikel discussing Lestat's childhood, and what formed his personality.

Many speculate that Lestat's behaviour, his rule-breaking in particular is caused sejak his father's coldness towards him. I aim to find out why Lestat is the way he is, and what part his...
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The points I'm going to argue / komen on:
X How his performance as Lestat / any character supposedly sucks.
X He didin't even read the buku when he took the role of Lestat.
X How he in the first place took such a crappy role in a crappy script.
X Being drunk on the set / made up accent and bragging about them.
X He supposedly acted surprised twice for the same reason in the film.

Now, when anda put all that in that way and even leave it at that - sure as hell it sounds downright ridiculous and awful. But why don't we take a deeper look at all that? I know I will, you're always free to ignore and...
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