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bright_angel berkata …
hei guys! I hope some of anda still remember me. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I was scrolling through this group. I just wanna greet anda and send anda a lot of kisses. telah diposkan ·2 hari lalu
mooshka dikomen…
Hi Maria <33 ·2 hari lalu
xoheartinohioxo dikomen…
MARIA!! Hi boo ❤❤ ·4 jam lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
Guys, if anda see this, go to the bottom of the page and click the CONTACT US link and send Fanpop a message about the problem uploading images!! It's getting ridiculous how often it's happening and I'm tired of not being able to make the picks I'd like to make because imej aren't uploading again.

I've tried on multiple spots so it's clearly a site issue. I politely informed them of the issue and asked that they try to resolve it. telah diposkan ·7 hari lalu
Elbelle23 berkata …
SUP LOSERS <3 telah diposkan satu bulan lalu
Nicolas97 dikomen…
Babyyyy satu bulan lalu
rachel713 dikomen…
ELLE <33 satu bulan lalu
Piu95 dikomen…
HEYYY ♥ satu bulan lalu
mooshka dikomen…
Booo anda whore satu bulan lalu